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This article is about one gamer’s derision, with one his favorite industry’s most questionable design practices. It is regarding the very important issue of: how you save your game! (more…)

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Fable Anniversary Banner

After having experienced a perfect example of an anniversary re-release in the form of Halo: CE Anniversary, I was very excited to learn that the original Fable was getting the same treatment. Does it live up to the same standard of excellence? (more…)

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I told you this would be coming. And, because it never happened when it was suppose to, you get the double feature today of a second posting by yours truly, now in lime green! There are pictures, but make no mistake, this is an impression, NOT a review or unboxing. There are plenty of those on the internet for you to view if that’s what you are after. Without further ado, let us start. (more…)

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Original post on myspace September 30, 2008

Being able to download a lot of retro arcade games on my 360 has set my mind into a vintage whirlpool of memories. I’ve played a lot of games in my day. A Lot of games

Sherman, set the way-back machine to 1983 to see where it all began. (more…)

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