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A sequel to a previous post, with added inspiration from a replay of Bioshock. (more…)

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 **Sorry for misspelling the word “video”**

Yes! At long last, The Uncommon Geek YouTube channel has OFFICIALLY launched!

We will be launching with our flagship show, “The Uncommon Newscast” hosted by none other than The Uncommon Geek himself, Troy Copes! We will bring you non-mainstream geeky news from across the internet that has been overshadowed by DC, Marvel and other big names in the industry.

In the near future, we will be adding two more shows for you to enjoy!

Neo Ethereal will be hosting “Would You like to save?” where you take the plunge into an expanse of game reviews of titles old and new, speed runs, and a general geek-out of all things gaming. Featuring original recorded game play, entire play through as well as walkthroughs and tutorials!

Andrew B. DeWar will be the host of “ The Uncommon Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy.” An in depth guide to all things within the Nerdosphere! From reviews on games, books, television and movies, to thoughts and opinions on the latest in the worlds of technology and science, he will leave no rock on Dagobah unlevitated!

Please like this video and subscribe! And please let us know what you think!

The music for this video was the song “We Are The Resistors” by Eric Skiff from his album Resistor Anthems which was released under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Please check out his work at http://ericskiff.com/music/


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