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The City on the Edge of Forever

The following adjectives are just some ways to describe this episode of Star Trek: beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing. Despite controversy surrounding its re-write, this remains a legendaryemotionally gripping, and utterly moving story. (more…)

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One of the hopes that I had in the back of my mind when I first created this site in 2011 was the opportunity to be contacted by a company, and being asked to do product reviews for them. A few years went by, and no offers came. Then the site grew! And wouldn’t you know it, I got an email from the company Checks in the Mail asking if I would be interested in doing a product review of Officially Licensed Star Trek products!

Checks in the Mail is a company that specializes in Licensed products, including items like checks, organizers, return address labels, etc. with Licensed images on them, such as Star Trek, Hello Kitty and the like. About a month before I received the invitation to review some of their products, I found them on the StarTrek.com homepage and decided to checked them out. And I thought they were pretty cool. Fast forward a month or so, and here I am writing a review for them! (more…)

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The Alternative Factor

Star Trek takes its first stab at the concepts of parallel universes and other dimensions in this obscure, bizarre episode. (more…)

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Errand of Mercy

The Klingons make their first appearance in Star Trek, in an appropriately explosive manner. At the onset of war, “Errand of Mercy” places the peaceful world of Organia between the invading Klingons and the Federation. (more…)

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The Devil in the Dark

The U.S.S. Enterprise races to the rescue of beleaguered miners, in one of the most poignant and highly-regarded episodes of Star Trek, “The Devil in the Dark.” (more…)

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This Side of Paradise

This week, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise find themselves face to face with a seemingly perfect, idyllic human community on the frontiers of explored space. But is it really all that it appears to be? (more…)

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A Taste of Armageddon

This week, the crew of the Enterprise is caught in the middle of a war, that is unlike any they have ever encountered. (more…)

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