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This article is about one gamer’s derision, with one his favorite industry’s most questionable design practices. It is regarding the very important issue of: how you save your game! (more…)

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Disclaimer: This post is the personal, potentially polarizing opinion of the author, Neo Ethereal, only. It does not represent the views or opinions of other authors and contributors on The Uncommon Geek site.

“Downloadable content,” they call it. “They,” being the video game industry; particularly game publishers, by and large the real cash cows. We gamers used to call these things modules and expansion packs. I still do, at least, but admittedly I am a stick in the mud. But for most, now it is “content”. What a loaded, politically correct term. Have you ever read license agreements created by, for example, Microsoft? The term, content, is all-inclusive. You don’t actually get to own software, or any additions to it, you just get the privilege of a license to use. Now, maybe by legal standards, that has technically always been the case; when you buy a disc with media on it, you are purchasing a license to use it. But you still maintain a degree of ownership with physical media; in the world of downloadable media, what little power the consumer had is now effectively eroded. (more…)

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I know the pieces fit.

This is what I thought as I found myself playing Tetris, on the original NES, several days ago. Such a simple, pure act, which reminded me of my childhood, also flooded my conscious mind with streams of thought that I hadn’t traveled along in some time. Neural pathways that had laid dormant were awakened and excited to be alive again.

I realized in that simple moment, as I was lining up a Double Tetris, that I was doing what I loved, perhaps more than anything else. When I looked at my surroundings in this moment, and I mean really looked at them, I realized that this is the sort of place that is home for me. I love video games. They will always be a part of me, and I don’t think anything else instills in me the senses of simplicity, joy, and a focused mind quite like being engrossed in a good game. I love talking about them, I love sharing stories, creating new ideas, and sharing interactive rides of a lifetime that other mediums have yet to come close to. (more…)

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