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I know a lot of you think this holiday is rubbish. But you’re missing the point. It’s not about the chocolate, the flowers, the gifts, or being in love.

No, this holiday is about the people you care for. About what you’ll give to them, just for the sake of doing so. So pick a friend, a family member, a lover, a co-worker, or even a stranger, and just do something out of the ordinary for them. Sure, it can be flowers, it can be candy, or a gift. But it can be more. It can be undivided attention. It can be a story of just you and them. It can be an epic that the entire town will remember.

Or you can follow in my footsteps, and make it all about the magic, the mystery, and the reveal. Just make it selfless, make it count. You picked these people to stick around for a reason. You gave them power to hurt you and trust them not to. So celebrate every little majestic thing that is their spectacular soul. Of all the days to do so, today’s the big one.

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28 years since the arguably hit novel was released and captured the minds of an untold number of children and adults alike, Ender’s Game is finally hitting the silver screen. For some, this is a celebration of a beloved novel being realized into a new medium, for others their first foray into the future war for Earth’s survival. But how does it stack up? Is it as good as the book? Better? Worse? Is it a blemish on the beloved series’ now impressive mythos? I’m here to give you my thoughts on all of it, as spoiler free as possible. (more…)

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