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In what has been a nearly year long journey for me on The Uncommon Geek, I at last have finished reviewing season one of Star Trek: The Original Series. In this post, I recap the ground I have covered in this season, what lies in the future for me on The Uncommon Geek, and as well, I acknowledge the people and resources which have made these reviews possible. (more…)

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Charlie X

Greetings interwebz. This week on The Uncommon Geek, I am examining the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, “Charlie X.” (more…)

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The Man Trap

Neo returns to the Trek reviews with what became the actual first aired episode of the series: “The Man Trap!” (more…)

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Where No Man Has Gone Before

The first post on The Uncommon Geek by contributing author, Neo Ethereal. Welcome to the Final Frontier! (more…)

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The Borg. Fewer things instill a chill in a Trekkie than seeing a Cube on the view screen. Equivalent to the Daleks of Doctor Who, no matter how many you defeat, their always seems to be more around the corner. The Borg’s primary focus: Assimilation of all species.

The Jedi. Peacekeepers of the Old and New Republic. They survived several wars against the Sith, and have always come back to maintain order to protect the Republic. The symbol of the Jedi Order, as everyone knows, is the lightsaber. An elegant weapon for more civilized times.

A subject that I bring up to friends and random strangers alike is what would happen if the Jedi found themselves in a battle against the Borg? Strong arguments have been made on both sides of this scenario…

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