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Episode number art 57

Hopefully, the image loads soon. Technical issues…

Tyler Grant is back on the podcast!

We were finally able to re-sync our schedules to finish up his interview at his new place! We finish up his story about how he got into photography, then we quickly go back to geeking out about Dragonball Z, just like in part one! He tells us his thoughts on the new DBZ movie, then I voice my lackluster opinion about it.

Also, we are now going to be posting podcasts weekly to help get the 100th episode celebration here quicker and not in the Ohio winter.

Excited? Then quit reading and get to listening!


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Episode number art 55

Today, we finally have the geektastic Tyler Grant on the podcast!

After too much of life happening, we were finally able to get our schedules to match!

The original plan was to have this be a two-parter episode and to record again the nest day, but, various things out of our control happened, and we are now trying to match up our things once again!

In the first half, we talk mainly about one of Tyler’s favorite anime’s, “Dragonball Z,” then we talk some about his history as a photographer, and how we met in photography school.

There is much more to him than this part of the podcast shows, so stay tuned for part two to happen… sometime.

Listen below and enjoy!


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