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Episode number art 71

Holy frak! We have Twill Distilled on the podcast!

Twill is a nerdcore hip-hop artist from Columbus, Ohio! You might remember her from the interview we did with Alpha Riff a while back.

Her first album, “Planet Twill” was released on December 7th of this year and is pretty awesome!

We talk about how she got into music and her brief career as a fashion designer, how she found herself in Ohio, and what it was like in New York! She is pretty down to earth!

Since our now Former-Tech Monkey forgot to include it into the episode, check out the single from the new album “Moon and Back” on Twill’s Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/twill_distilled/moon-and-back 

Check out the Indigogo for the album at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/welcome-to-planet-twill-debut-album#/

Follow her on the Twitter at https://twitter.com/TwillDistilled

Listen below and enjoy!



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