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I know the pieces fit.

This is what I thought as I found myself playing Tetris, on the original NES, several days ago. Such a simple, pure act, which reminded me of my childhood, also flooded my conscious mind with streams of thought that I hadn’t traveled along in some time. Neural pathways that had laid dormant were awakened and excited to be alive again.

I realized in that simple moment, as I was lining up a Double Tetris, that I was doing what I loved, perhaps more than anything else. When I looked at my surroundings in this moment, and I mean really looked at them, I realized that this is the sort of place that is home for me. I love video games. They will always be a part of me, and I don’t think anything else instills in me the senses of simplicity, joy, and a focused mind quite like being engrossed in a good game. I love talking about them, I love sharing stories, creating new ideas, and sharing interactive rides of a lifetime that other mediums have yet to come close to. (more…)

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