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Though perhaps not to the same extent as the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, Mass Effect 1 does empower the player with considerable control over the narrative. (more…)

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And on the sixth day, Bioware created Mass Effect, and saw that it was good. (more…)

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Neo Ethereal dissects, disseminates, plays, reviews, and generally geeks out about the Mass Effect trilogy, in the first of multiple written posts that will also tie into podcasts, walkthroughs, gameplay recordings, and other general shenanigans.

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Today, Neo and Matt “Hammer” Gibbs sneak the Tascam away from an ill Boss Monkey to talk about one of their favorite video game trilogies of all time…

Mass Effect!

In this Duo episode, they discuss and dissect the Mass Effect trilogy, game by game, reminiscing about their first experiences with each title, favorite characters, favorite moments, and then spending a fair amount of time addressing Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending.

And, I’m happy to say that they did me proud!

Enjoy and listen below!


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