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I know the pieces fit.

This is what I thought as I found myself playing Tetris, on the original NES, several days ago. Such a simple, pure act, which reminded me of my childhood, also flooded my conscious mind with streams of thought that I hadn’t traveled along in some time. Neural pathways that had laid dormant were awakened and excited to be alive again.

I realized in that simple moment, as I was lining up a Double Tetris, that I was doing what I loved, perhaps more than anything else. When I looked at my surroundings in this moment, and I mean really looked at them, I realized that this is the sort of place that is home for me. I love video games. They will always be a part of me, and I don’t think anything else instills in me the senses of simplicity, joy, and a focused mind quite like being engrossed in a good game. I love talking about them, I love sharing stories, creating new ideas, and sharing interactive rides of a lifetime that other mediums have yet to come close to. (more…)

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For a long time, it bothered me when people talked about the theme song for Tetris. Mainly because they always hummed the theme for the Gameboy version, claiming that it was the first Tetris.

I always corrected them, stating that the NES version was the first released. Shortly after my statement, an argument followed, ending without a victor.

This post was going to be a bunch of evidence to support my claim that the NES version of Tetris was the original version from Nintendo, and thus should be hailed as such. And that everyone should, literally, change there tune.

Looks like I was wrong… (more…)

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