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Today’s episode is… somewhat special!

Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon Geek sit down with one another to talk about things going on: such as preparation for the Steampunk Empire Symposium as well as the upcoming Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret.

Not only do they jump from topic to topic, Mrs. Uncommon Geek does a reading, or three, from a medical book dating all the way back to 1888! It is indeed an interesting episode! But, listener beware… some of the things, for a moment, get a little adult’ish.

Today’s song is one from deep within the music library… Levan Polkka (8bit) by buubae under a Creative Commons Artribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. Check out all of the cool sounds that Buubae has to offer here https://soundcloud.com/thebae and check out http://creativecommons.org/ for more info on how CC licences are helping the creative community!

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/uncommongeek/Episode_16_Randomness_with_the_Uncommon_Geeks.mp3|titles=Episode 16: Randomness with the Uncommon Geeks!|loop=yes|animation=no]



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“Enjoy your burrito!”

This phrase has found its way into geek culture thanks to Chris Hardwick and The Nerdist podcast. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to take a listen!

But, what exactly does it mean? Obviously if you’re eating a burrito, you enjoy eating them. But, it goes deeper than getting double chicken at your local burrito establishment. It is a metaphor for life. (more…)

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“I didn’t call myself the Doctor during the Time War, but it was still a regeneration.” -The Doctor

Probably as anticipated as the 50th anniversary, the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special has been on the lips of every Whovian ever since Matt Smith announced that he was indeed stepping down from the role of The Doctor. No one know what to expect this year, but, here it is, the day after the Christmas special, and every social media is filled with warm and loving good-byes for Matt Smith, and hardly any welcomes for Peter Capaldi that I have seen. (more…)

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Well, it’s Christmas!

For some, it’s all about family. For others, it’s the “reason for the season” (trying to keep it neutral here).

For Whovians, it’s about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and this year, we get a new Doctor!

But, for Mrs. Uncommon Geek and I, it’s all about the geek Christmas specials! (more…)

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episode number pic 7

The Uncommon Geek and Blog Monkey Neo travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to speak with the majestic Aloysius Fox!

And yes, his accent is real!

Join the conversation as we talk about his coming to America and how he got into putting on conventions as you enjoy hearing him speak! Become entranced by his accent as you imagine what it would be like hearing him talk about anything!

For all the information about the events mentioned in this episode, visit The Pandora Society website at http://thepandorasociety.com/

This episode features the chiptune song “A Night Of Dizzy Spells” by Eric Skiff off of the album “Resistor Anthems.” This song is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) Eric has a lot of really amazing songs that will go well with that video game you’ve been wanting to make! Check out his work at http://ericskiff.com/music/ and for more info on Creative Commons, visit http://creativecommons.org

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/uncommongeek/Episode_7_Interview_with_Aloysius_Fox.mp3|titles=Episode 7: Interview with Aloysius Fox!|loop=yes|animation=no]


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This review is written by The Uncommon Geek himself and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts, views and/or opinions of anyone else who works on or contributes to this site.


Warning: If you have not see the Doctor Who 50th special and do not like spoilers, please stop reading, go watch it, then come back. You have been warned!

Time Lords of Gallifrey. Daleks of Skaro. I serve notice on you all. Too long have I stained my hand. No more. Today, you leave me no choice. Today, this war will end. No more.” -The Doctor

Doctor Who. The show started in 1963 and has been going almost non-stop for 50 years and 4 days at the time of this posting. Never before in television history has a shows anniversary been so looked forward to by so many fans worldwide. And what made this anniversary even more special is the fact that it was broadcast on the exact same calendar day as the shows original first viewing! (more…)

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I have to admit something to all of you; I have only recently (within the last 3 years) became a mad Doctor Who fan. In my post  “Star Trek and Star Wars: Two of my star-crossed loves.” I mentioned that at one of my first cons, I saw my first piece of Doctor Who… a black toy dalek. My parents said they would buy me one toy, and when I asked for the dalek (I didn’t know what it was, but I know I wanted it), they said no, because I would open it and play with it. So, I ended up with a tribble which is now sitting on my entertainment center.

I never forgot that dalek toy. It was one of the few memories that have stood out and stayed with me throughout my life. Now, I have a black dalek air freshiner! (more…)

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