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Ever wonder what exactly this Steampunk thing is? Well then, this episode is for you!


On today’s episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast, Boss Monkey, Mrs. Uncommon Geek and Neo sit down with the two people responsable with bringing Steampunk to the Dayton, Ohio area; Sir Ernest Octave Suszcynski (Greg) and Doctor Gintia Peaseblossom (Cindy)! We talk about exactly what Steampunk is, where it came from, and how anyone can punk some steam!

This is an episode that we have been wanting to do shortly after the podcast started. Greg and Cindy are two of the nicest and fun loving people anyone could ever meet! They are both well traveled, intelligent, and have fine taste in Neo-Victorian dress!

For more information on Steampunk, check out The Steampunk Empire at http://www.thesteampunkempire.com/

And for info on Steampunk in Dayton, Ohio and Airship Passepartout, head on over to http://airshippassepartout.com/

We tried very hard to find some 8-bit electroswing what is CC for this episode (which is very hard to do). But, we found something that fits the bill! Ievan Polkka (8bits) by buubae licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence. Check out all of Buubae’s works at https://soundcloud.com/thebae and for all the info you need to have Creative Commons work for you, check out http://creativecommons.org !


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The Facts

Fabric: men’s button down shirt

Pattern: inspired by Threadbanger video about how to make a pirate costume

Year: recent-ish

Notions: ribbon and scrap fabric

Time to complete: one morning

First worn: To Ye Olde Cabaret – May

Wear again? Possibly

Total Cost: No idea


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Mrs. Uncommon Geek and I have been to every Steampunk Empire Symposium since it started in 2011. The first year, I was known as “Tee Shirt Guy” because I was the only one who wasn’t decked out in my finest Neo-Victorian dress. I was suffering from my back injury flaring up and was hopped up on strong steroids and opiate pain killers that did absolutely nothing for me. The second and third years, I volunteered to work security, and people think I did a good job at keeping them safe!

But, the primary reason why I went to the Symposium this year was to do a planel on the Jedi vs The Borg!

And Blog Monkey Neo was right there with me!

Mrs. Uncommon Geek and I arrive to the hotel and get as settled in as we can. She was there to help her Sister-in-Law work the Sylvian Creations booth and as I said before, I was working security, but, My shift didn’t start for some time. After I checked in at Con-Ops, I ask the head of the panels if I could see the room I would be in and if I could start getting things set up about 2 hours before my panel was scheduled. And since I was the first panel of the con, it was no problem.

I got everything set up, and Neo arrived about 45 minutes before the panel’s start time. We decided to go mingle with people for the sole purpose of telling everyone we could about our panel. And because I’m actually a very shy person, less people got told than what I thought. But, several people said that they were actually planning on seeing our panel! Even people in the registration line! And for a moment, I felt just a little important! More people showed up for the panel than what I thought would. Honestly, I thought I would only have maybe 4 people at most. But, we had about 20!

After the panel, which was well received, and was told that I did very well for my very first convention panel, Neo and I walked around the Symposium for a bit before I went on security duty. I introduced him to some of my friends, we ate some nibbles along the tea stroll, then after I went on duty, he left for the evening.

On Saturday, I participated in the Tea Dueling. Basically, competitive cookie dunking in tea. The last to eat the cookie wins the round. It may sound odd and easy, but it is actually a bit stressful! You are staring at your cookie, winching at every slight wobble of your hand and you don;t know if your opponent is staring at you trying to psych you out or not.

I was scheduled to work in the vendor hall for 3 hours on Saturday as well. It wasn’t all that bad since I could talk to the vendors and learn more about the wares they were selling. I was able to speak with a nice lady from Goblin Road Dolls & Masks who’s name I believe is Rachael. I bought some chocolates from War Pony Candies, and talked a bit with a nice lady who was selling small plastic guns that she had made with a 3D printer! It was the coolest thing! Sadly, I can not recall her businesses name. I also stopped by to speak with Mrs. Uncommon Geek from time to time.

Once my round in the vendor hall was done, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mrs. Uncommon geek and I went out to Japanese for dinner at a place called Ando, which was a short walk from the hotel. The food was amazing and the prices were pretty good as well! Since I had to be on duty in 2 hours and the restaurant was packed, I scarfed down my food and made it back in time for my next shift. Honestly, I wish I would have had more time to actually enjoy my food as well as the good company. I also wanted to try the green tea ice cream, but duty called.

Sunday, all I was scheduled to do was to help tear down convention items. I was tired, hungry, my feet were swollen and hurt, and all I wanted to do was take my shoes off and lay down in a bed that was mine. After a few hours of helping clear the stage where the song performers were, the Mrs. and I headed home.

It was good to be going home, but, we missed all of our out-of-town friends that we really don;t get to see on a semi-regular bases.

I know this turned out to be a short review, but working a con and going to a con are two totally different experiences. Each side of the ticket can be both overwhelming and gratifying at the same time. Doing the panel helped me realize that I want to focus more on being a presence at cons for my site rather than working on staff of the convention. I enjoyed geeking out with people more so than making sure that people had the right color wrist band. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being security as much as I could, but, in the end, I discovered that you can either work a con, or you can enjoy a con, but not both. So, in the future, I will have a table in the exhibitor’s area to promote the site and to ask people our traditional, standard question… Do you like and or prefer, Star Trek, Star Wars, both, and why?

See you there!


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Today, we conclude our interview with the fabulous Larry Sparrow!

Listen to his stories of what it’s like to be a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator and get a glemps into his creative background!

We once again use the song “He’s a pirate – 8bit” by FelixMoog released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To hear more of FelixMoog’s work, go to https://soundcloud.com/felixmoog and for more information on Creative Commons, as always, check out creativecommons.org

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/uncommongeek/Episode_12_Interview_with_Larry_Sparrow_Part_two.mp3|titles=Episode 12: Interview with Larry Sparrow-Part Two!|loop=yes|animation=no]


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The Uncommon Geek and Blog Monkey Neo travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to speak with the majestic Aloysius Fox!

And yes, his accent is real!

Join the conversation as we talk about his coming to America and how he got into putting on conventions as you enjoy hearing him speak! Become entranced by his accent as you imagine what it would be like hearing him talk about anything!

For all the information about the events mentioned in this episode, visit The Pandora Society website at http://thepandorasociety.com/

This episode features the chiptune song “A Night Of Dizzy Spells” by Eric Skiff off of the album “Resistor Anthems.” This song is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) Eric has a lot of really amazing songs that will go well with that video game you’ve been wanting to make! Check out his work at http://ericskiff.com/music/ and for more info on Creative Commons, visit http://creativecommons.org

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/uncommongeek/Episode_7_Interview_with_Aloysius_Fox.mp3|titles=Episode 7: Interview with Aloysius Fox!|loop=yes|animation=no]


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It has been a while since my last posting.


Since my last posting, life got very interesting very quickly. Like Bilbo Baggins, I went on a whirlwind adventure that took me across the United States and back again, went to a few cons, found out a lot about myself and met new friends. This will be a catch up blog, which will lead into other blogs. (more…)

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If you follow me on twitter, you know that I have been talking about preforming my first social experiment last night. I said that I would live tweet some results then write a blog about the experience. And this, my friends, is that blog. (more…)

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