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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first official on screen expanded universe movie that we have received. Since Disney told us that the 30+ years of EU that we have grown up with is no longer canon, did Disney do the former Extended Universe justice? (more…)

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The spoilers are strong with this one. This is your last warning. (more…)

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force awakens

10 years after the end of the Prequel Trilogy, we have a continuation of the Star Wars that we all know and love. But, was it any good?

Anyone who knows anything about me will tell you that I love both Star Trek and Star Wars. When J.J. Abrams was going to be directing Star Wars Episode VII, I automatically feared the worst. What he did with Star Trek hurt, and knowing that he was now in charge of  the other half of my childhood love was enough to almost send me into a panic. He has said in many interviews that he wasn’t a fan of Star Trek and that Star Wars was his first love. But, words are cheap… Would he deliver where George Lucas failed with the prequels? (more…)

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Episode number art 70

With Star Wars Episode VII right around the corner, we felt it would be pretty awesome to talk about our favorite movies of all time!

Troy, Matt, and Mr. Shell are on the podcast to share their favorite movies! We also talk about why they are our favorite movies, and how the current state of Hollywood differs from our favorites.


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Episode number art 68

Remember way back 10 episodes ago in Episode 58 “Hopes and Fears of Episode VII” we brought up how you never saw the planet of Endor in Return of the Jedi, and how we said we were going to continue to talk about that and possibly have it be a podcast?

Well, here is that conversation!

Troy and Neo continue talking about how the fact that you never see Endor could possibly be a cover up for a larger plan. An Endor Conspiracy, if you will…

What it the Empire? Was it the Rebel Alliance? No one knows who and why…

We provide the clues, you decide!


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Episode number art 65

This week, we continue our Back to the Future geekout for BTTF day!

Yes, we know BTTF day has come and gone, but the celebration goes on with Troy, Dustin and Roger!

Listen below and enjoy!


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The Force is strong with this one… (more…)

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