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episode-number-art-84Greetings, Programs!

Today, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!

We talk about what Star trek means to us, and our hopes for the next 50 years of one of our beloved franchises!

Listen below and enjoy!


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Captain Kirk, Bones, Scotty and Uhura cross over into another universe.


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Who Mourns For Adonais

The U.S.S. Enterprise comes face-to-face with Greek mythology in this week’s episode. (more…)

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Amok Time

Neo returns to the Final Frontier with Star Trek’s season two opener, “Amok Time!” (more…)

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Operation -- Annihilate!

The final episode of Star Trek’s first season, pits the Enterprise crew against an extragalactic alien menace. This is “Operation – – Annihilate!” (more…)

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The City on the Edge of Forever

The following adjectives are just some ways to describe this episode of Star Trek: beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing. Despite controversy surrounding its re-write, this remains a legendaryemotionally gripping, and utterly moving story. (more…)

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The Alternative Factor

Star Trek takes its first stab at the concepts of parallel universes and other dimensions in this obscure, bizarre episode. (more…)

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