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Episode number art 53

Anything that has to do with space is awesome!

And when we get to see a new planet up close and personal, it’s even more awesome!

And when it’s Pluto, and we finally get to see what it actually looks like for the first time in┬áhuman history, awesome does not even begin to do it justice!

This episode is all about Pluto and space! With special guest star Tyler Grant, we talk about our reactions to the first sharp, true color image of the dwarf planet and what we think the future of humanity and space might be as a result.

Personally, I hope to see humanity move into space in my lifetime, and we discuss all of that in detail!

Pluto… looking mighty fine!

Listen below and enjoy!


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ken ham bill nye debate

I actually don’t have anything new to go into depth about, as I’m working on two really massive posts (which might get split apart with how big they’ve become) for you guys instead (hence my absence this last week) however, for my post today, as I feel you should get something from me, I just wanted to touch a little on Bill Nye’s debate he had today. So don’t expect anything long-winded, or an in depth analysis here. I want you to watch the debate for yourself, and form you’re own opinion on this. Feel free to come back, and debate it, civilly, with your peers. Just, go into watching with an open mind, regardless your personal thoughts on the matter. (more…)

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Everyone knows that I love science. I have said a few times to people that I enjoy doing theoretical quantum physics as a hobby. Leaning heavily towards the theoretical part of that statement. I enjoy coming up with connective theorems tying several contradicting theories to one another when I’m at work and only need very little mental processing space to do my tasks. Or coming up with totally new and radical theories all together. I enjoy trying to figure out how the universe works.

Even if I get it totally wrong, I’m still thinking. (more…)

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