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Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Poster

Marvel’s newest entry in Phase Two of their Cinematic Universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has officially released today. Join me on The Uncommon Geek for a full review of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, a film that exceeded my personal expectations, and one that is easily the best follow-up to The Avengers yet. SPOILERS AWAIT! (more…)

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Robocop 2014 Movie Poster

This week on The Uncommon Geek, join us for a special collaborative review of the newly released, re-made RoboCop movie. Enjoy reading reviews from The Uncommon Geek AND Neo Ethereal as well as our first roadshow podcast! Hold onto your spats, because this one has defied our expectations, and is among the more unexpectedly well-executed re-makes in recent memory. However, be warned: spoilers await! (more…)

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