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The galaxy’s elite are yours to command. (more…)

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Mass Effect Logo

And on the sixth day, Bioware created Mass Effect, and saw that it was good. (more…)

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Mass Effect Logo

Neo Ethereal dissects, disseminates, plays, reviews, and generally geeks out about the Mass Effect trilogy, in the first of multiple written posts that will also tie into podcasts, walkthroughs, gameplay recordings, and other general shenanigans.

— Press Start to play — (more…)

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Fable Anniversary Banner

After having experienced a perfect example of an anniversary re-release in the form of Halo: CE Anniversary, I was very excited to learn that the original Fable was getting the same treatment. Does it live up to the same standard of excellence? (more…)

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GM: “So, what do you do? Do you take the short path full of monsters? Or, do you take the longer path through the mountains?

Me: “I take the long way around.”

GM: “Why would you do that? Their aren’t any monsters that way, plus it will take you and your party twice as long to get there?!”

Me: “It’s the safest route.”

GM: “But, you will miss the XP, which means you won’t level as quickly!”

Me: “But, that’s what my character would do; think of the safety of the party.”

GM: “Why are you being so weird?!”

Me: “I’m role playing my character. Isn’t that what you’re suppose to do?”

GM: “You don’t role play in an RPG! That’s just dumb!” (more…)

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Hello interwebz! It’s time to interject my thoughts, impressions, and general geeking out about Borderlands 2, the sequel to the surprisingly awesome and addictive 2009 shoot-and-looter. (more…)

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