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Because sometimes one review just isn’t enough. (more…)

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Captain Picard

Inspired by a recent post, and some dialogue with fellow fans of Star Trek, I have decided to pay tribute to a man I have a profound respect for, as both an actor, and most importantly, as a human being: Sir Patrick Stewart! (more…)

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In keeping with the proverbial spirit of the season, with begging your pardons, a few days tardiness, I present for your consideration a deep exploration of the metaphysics, other dimensions of thought, and possibilities opened up by Charles Dickens’ beloved and oft-retold tale, A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol is as mentioned, a tale that has been retold and re-imagined many times over, but the fundamental elements of the story have remained largely intact with each iteration. Different actors have lent varying insights into the mindset and spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge; different directors and producers try to emphasize other aspects of Dickens’ story where their predecessors may not have, but the core values have stayed true. Scrooge’s dead business partner Jacob Marley intercedes on the old miser’s behalf, and arranges to have him haunted by three spirits, that show Scrooge the errors of his life, and how he may redeem himself, for his own sake, and as well in the eyes of his fellow man.

The popular and commonly accepted interpretation of these events, that I have seen and gathered from other fans of this tale, is that either the ghost hauntings are to be taken as presented at face value, or that the events are the intervention of angels, perhaps even God itself. But, going beyond an explanation that requires only faith, what of the metaphysical possibilities? (more…)

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