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Why Christmas reminds me too much of The Hunger Games.


I wrote this blog post some time ago, but never got around to posting it. At the time, I was exposed to a large quantity of Christmas music. I did not had much choice in this matter as it was played at work. I did not choose to listen to Christmas music, and have not willing listened to any significant amount of Christmas music for a long while. It is a very rare event when I do decide to choose to listen to any holiday music. I have had the winter season holiday music thrust upon my open ears in such quantities that I cannot find enjoyment in many of the most common carols in which others find such joy.

That is not to say that I hate all songs about Christmas. I enjoy listening to “The Carol of the Bells” as well as “Panzer Klaus.” I just prefer to not listen to most Christmas music the majority of the time.


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Star Wars Original Soundtrack

Where, oh where, would we be without the great soundtracks of geekdom? Would Star Wars have been as spectacular? Would Star Trek be as iconic? In a follow up to a previous podcast, this Uncommon Geek pays tribute to the music which powers the soundtracks of our lives. (more…)

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episode number pic 20

On this, the 20th episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast, we conclude the two part music geek out with Neo, Matt “Hammer” Gibbs and Mr. Andrew Shell!

Once again we use the song that was composed by Andrew Shell entitled “Enigmatic” and is copyrighted by Andrew Shell used by permission for this episode only. But, next episode we will be back with more CC music!

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/uncommongeek/part_two_music_geek_out.mp3|titles=Episode 20: Music Geek Out with Andrew and Matt – Part Two! |loop=yes|animation=no]


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episode number pic 19

On today’s episode, we welcome back Matt “Hammer” Gibbs and Andrew Shell!

The Uncommon Geek sits back while Andrew, Matt and Neo talk music. How they got into playing music, how they found their instrument of choice, and the challanges of writing music.

If you’re a music geek, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for!

Today’s episode if sponsored by UniversalDork.com! If you want an honest, up front nerd site to visit, you really need to check out the Universal Dork. Ran by Mister Saturday (The worlds ONLY nerdcore-reggae House DJ), you get an extremely unique look into the mind of one of the worlds coolest geeks!

Today’s music was composed by Andrew Shell, one of the guests of today’s episode! The song is entitled “Enigmatic” and is copyrighted by Andrew Shell used by permission for this episode only. But, next episode we will be back with more CC music!

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/uncommongeek/part_one_music_geek_out.mp3|titles=Episode 19: Music Geek Out with Andrew and Matt – Part One! |loop=yes|animation=no]


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The Facts

Fabric: Lace from…various sources (yard sales, estate sales, other crafter’s stashbusting events)

Pattern: based on a thing that I saw on Pinterest (inspiration photo above)

Year: 2013

Notions: Lace, crochet, beads, baubles, scrapbook paper, vintage frames, new frames, found items, previous projects, etc.

Time to complete: Many hours of cleaning, searching, placing, fighting, rearranging, putting together, taking apart, and doing everything all over again. Still a work in progress.


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I told you this would be coming. And, because it never happened when it was suppose to, you get the double feature today of a second posting by yours truly, now in lime green! There are pictures, but make no mistake, this is an impression, NOT a review or unboxing. There are plenty of those on the internet for you to view if that’s what you are after. Without further ado, let us start. (more…)

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Many people can define themselves with music in some way shape and form. Certain aspects of their personality being molded or even completely rewritten, music can, and often times does have profound effects on a person. Discovering a new part of their life in college while listening to a new band that a roommate got them into. An old song from the past bringing back fond memories which can bridge a connection across decades. Sensory triggers from one song making a memory so vivid, that you can smell a specific locations air conditioning even if you’re thousands of miles away from where you first had that experience. Music is magical! (more…)

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