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I’m not much one for going into a lot of depth when talking about the years end. I typically make a facebook post about how I felt about the year and put a song link in that I feel is an appropriate farewell song. But, this year, 2013 has been probably the hardest year that I can remember ever living through. I went through so much in this year, and I know I’m not the only one. In short: This year frakking sucked! (more…)

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A few weeks ago, I was having coffee with a friend at a locally owned coffee shop that was playing Original Star Trek on its TV.

The Original Star Trek (TOS) was playing on the TV which sparked several conversations about Star Trek, theoretical astrophysics, temporal mechanics, applicable warp-field theories, and discussing the finer points of the Prime Directive while I was wearing a Star Wars shirt.

One of the topics that came up was this site. As the conversation progressed, I felt that I knew what my friend was hinting at. So I politely interjected with something along the lines of, “Are you asking if you can write for my blog?”

Looking somewhat relieved that he knew we were both on the same page, we talked more. (more…)

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In my previous post about my musical odyssey, I mentioned that Mister Saturday deserved his own post. And this my friends is that post!

In 2007, Myspace helped me find all sorts of new bands and music by following friends of bands to new bands via a fast network of audio awesome.

Among those artists found was Mister Saturday. Proclaimed to be the worlds first nerdcore house reggae DJ, Mister Saturday never fails to deliver on that title. In his trademark TOS blue shirt, catchy lyrics, danceable rhythm and deep fandom all make his songs better than what they already are. (more…)

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Many people can define themselves with music in some way shape and form. Certain aspects of their personality being molded or even completely rewritten, music can, and often times does have profound effects on a person. Discovering a new part of their life in college while listening to a new band that a roommate got them into. An old song from the past bringing back fond memories which can bridge a connection across decades. Sensory triggers from one song making a memory so vivid, that you can smell a specific locations air conditioning even if you’re thousands of miles away from where you first had that experience. Music is magical! (more…)

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