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I told you this would be coming. And, because it never happened when it was suppose to, you get the double feature today of a second posting by yours truly, now in lime green! There are pictures, but make no mistake, this is an impression, NOT a review or unboxing. There are plenty of those on the internet for you to view if that’s what you are after. Without further ado, let us start. (more…)

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Sorry for not having a post for you guys last week. The thing is, I did have one. Completely written, ready to go. I hit the post button. And then there was an error. I went back and boom, no post, with no record of said post to be found anywhere. It was lost to the wind. It was about Disney and Star Wars, and even had a poll on it. I’m working on a rewrite of it that’ll go up sometime in the coming weeks. So keep a look out for that.

However, today’s real post won’t be up until the early hours of the morning. Why? Because I’ll be reviewing my day one edition of the Xbox One, and how it performs, plays, ect, as well as whatever game(s) I pick up. I’ll have pictures, videos, and all sorts of goodies for you (maybe even some game clips so you can laugh at my failures). So that’s what you have to look forward to. I’m aiming to have it up around 3am or so, but it might not go up until the next day, depending on several factors. So expect it to go up anywhere from 3am-5pm Friday.

Until then, stay well my friends.

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