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Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie or TV show and thought to yourself, “Man! I would hate to have that one person’s job that they are doing in the background!” We have! And here at The Uncommon Geek keep having so much fun doing list posts, that we’ve decided to do our top 5 picks for worst jobs in science fiction! Some of them are real, on-screen jobs, and others are ones that we know exist, but haven’t actually seen! ANd read all the way to the end for a new contest! Let us begin!


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Man Of Steel

DC Comic fans generally seem to hate it. Critics seem to be divided. Fans of popcorn action are giving it a thumbs up. So what really happened in the 2013 blockbuster, Man of Steel? Join me on The Uncommon Geek as I take a closer look at the latest iteration of Superman. Beware: spoilers await! (more…)

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