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Captain Picard

Inspired by a recent post, and some dialogue with fellow fans of Star Trek, I have decided to pay tribute to a man I have a profound respect for, as both an actor, and most importantly, as a human being: Sir Patrick Stewart! (more…)

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Geek 1: Kirk.

Geek 2: Picard.

Geek 1: Kirk!

Geek 2: Picard!

Geek 1: KIRK!!!

Geek 2: PICARD!!!

Geek 1 and geek 2 both look at me, hoping I can put their argument to rest once and for all…

Me: Janeway.

Both geeks give me a look like I just punched a baby in the face while putting sugar in an old woman’s gas tank while burning a screen used script to the TOS episode “Trouble with Tribbles” and walk away. (more…)

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