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episode-number-art-84Greetings, Programs!

Today, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!

We talk about what Star trek means to us, and our hopes for the next 50 years of one of our beloved franchises!

Listen below and enjoy!


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A Taste of Armageddon

This week, the crew of the Enterprise is caught in the middle of a war, that is unlike any they have ever encountered. (more…)

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Space Seed

Since this week’s episode, “Space Seed,” sets up what is perhaps the most iconic and most beloved story in the entire franchise, “The Wrath of Khan,” it is a very important chapter in the Star Trek legacy. But does that mean it is a good story? Let’s find out. (more…)

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The Return of the Archons

Gene Roddenberry takes an unsubtle stab at the concept of socialism, as well as the enduring struggle of man versus machine, in this week’s episode of Star Trek, “The Return of the Archons.” (more…)

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Court Martial

In this week’s episode of Law & Order, er, I mean, Star Trek, Captain Kirk gets put on the hot-seat after being accused of perjury and gross negligence. Join me on The Uncommon Geek for a retrospective review of the episode, “Court Martial.” (more…)

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Tomorrow Is Yesterday

This week on The Uncommon Geek, join me for an in-depth look at Star Trek’s first true Time Travel episode, “Tomorrow Is Yesterday!” (more…)

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At last, the time has come to review one of the most well-recognized episodes in Star Trek, “Arena,” which introduced us to the Gorn, and features one of the most famous fighting scenes in the franchise’s history! (more…)

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