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Technology continues to advance at a fevered pace. But, does it really need to? Do we even fully grasp the things we use before we declare them obsolete? (more…)

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The day Star Trek: Trexels was released, at first I was excited! Then I thought to myself, “What if it’s just like Tiny Death Star?” So, I went ahead and paid the $2.99 to give it a go, if for no other reason than to review it.

I am happy to say that, though it does have some aspects of Tiny Death Star, Star Trek: Trexels is so much more fun!

The game takes place in The Original Series era. A Constitution-class starship, the USS Valiant was on assignment exploring deep space. They came across a strange energy reading and were destroyed by a species called the Progenitors. The Progenitors ship looked a lot like the Xendi super weapon from Enterprise. (more…)

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tiny death star

Mrs. Uncommon Geek told me about an Android game called “Star Wars: Tiny Death Star,” and I immediately looked to see if it was available for iPhone! And it was! I immediately downloaded it and started playing it at work! And that was a mistake because it is an addictingly fun and cute game! (more…)

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