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Why Christmas reminds me too much of The Hunger Games.


I wrote this blog post some time ago, but never got around to posting it. At the time, I was exposed to a large quantity of Christmas music. I did not had much choice in this matter as it was played at work. I did not choose to listen to Christmas music, and have not willing listened to any significant amount of Christmas music for a long while. It is a very rare event when I do decide to choose to listen to any holiday music. I have had the winter season holiday music thrust upon my open ears in such quantities that I cannot find enjoyment in many of the most common carols in which others find such joy.

That is not to say that I hate all songs about Christmas. I enjoy listening to “The Carol of the Bells” as well as “Panzer Klaus.” I just prefer to not listen to most Christmas music the majority of the time.


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The Facts

Fabric: men’s button down shirt

Pattern: inspired by Threadbanger video about how to make a pirate costume

Year: recent-ish

Notions: ribbon and scrap fabric

Time to complete: one morning

First worn: To Ye Olde Cabaret – May

Wear again? Possibly

Total Cost: No idea


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I know a lot of you think this holiday is rubbish. But you’re missing the point. It’s not about the chocolate, the flowers, the gifts, or being in love.

No, this holiday is about the people you care for. About what you’ll give to them, just for the sake of doing so. So pick a friend, a family member, a lover, a co-worker, or even a stranger, and just do something out of the ordinary for them. Sure, it can be flowers, it can be candy, or a gift. But it can be more. It can be undivided attention. It can be a story of just you and them. It can be an epic that the entire town will remember.

Or you can follow in my footsteps, and make it all about the magic, the mystery, and the reveal. Just make it selfless, make it count. You picked these people to stick around for a reason. You gave them power to hurt you and trust them not to. So celebrate every little majestic thing that is their spectacular soul. Of all the days to do so, today’s the big one.

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Well, it’s Christmas!

For some, it’s all about family. For others, it’s the “reason for the season” (trying to keep it neutral here).

For Whovians, it’s about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and this year, we get a new Doctor!

But, for Mrs. Uncommon Geek and I, it’s all about the geek Christmas specials! (more…)

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