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Everyone who has taken a stab at writing has, invariably, come across the phenomenon known as writer’s block. Even geeks who like nothing more than to geek-out, like we do on this site, have run into it. But is writer’s block itself a real thing, or is the real problem something deeper? (more…)

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Final Fantasy Logo

One Uncommon Geek’s celebration of the two games which introduced him to the RPG genre, both of which remain close to his gaming heart to this day. (more…)

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A post about how the things that I enjoy, bring me not only happiness, but health. And when life wears me down, what must I do to recharge? (more…)

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A post that takes a few moments to reflect on the realm of geekdom, on making blogging part of one’s lifestyle, and commentary on how I view my progression on The Uncommon Geek. (more…)

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