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Episode number art 61

Today, we have part two of our interview with the awesome Amanda Gilliam!

You can listen to part one at https://uncommongeek.com/2015/09/30/episode-60/

You can find Amanda Gilliam on the ‘webz by checking out the following links…

Her site: http://www.amandagilliampresents.com/

You can listen to her podcast LIVE on Tuesdays at 7pm est at: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/136076

Give her Facebook page a like at: https://www.facebook.com/amandagilliampresents

And on the Twitter at: @ladyvader79

Listen below and ENJOY!


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Episode number art 59

Which is better for gaming? A console or a PC?

It depends on who you ask, but we talk about it!

Matt “hammer” Gibbs comes back to the podcast to talk about the gaming war that has been raging on since the earliest days of gaming.

We talk the pros, cons, and everything in between to put the argument to rest. Because, in the end, console or PC, you’re both gamers!

Are you a PC or a console gamer? Which do you like better? let us know in the comments!

Listen below, and, as always, enjoy!


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It’s not what you think.

A few months ago, I got a real nasty computer virus. My PC started acting all sorts of strange after I used a built-in updater on a program. My anti-virus flagged a component in the update as a virus, and after that, it was all down hill. (more…)

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Episode number art 51

At conventions, you meet a lot of people when you have a booth. Some of them take a business card, and some are interested in what you do and have to say. Few of them talk to you more than 5 minutes or so…

And once in a great while, we get them on the podcast!

And then there is the Not-So Silent shyguy!

Shyguy (as he has requested to be called) intrigued me so much, that I had to interview him for the show! He has a plan of doing a YouTube series where he reviews comic books, but with a twist! He will review titles that sound interesting but fal flat, and titles that sound boring but are actually very good, but, dressed as a shyguy!

And, he might even join our site as a video comic reviewer!

We talk about comics, video games and a lot of other stuff! He is a pretty cool guy! A cool shyguy if you will!

Listen below and enjoy!


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As you all know, I love video games. I’ve been Playing video games for practically all my life.

Earlier this year after I started playing Elite: Dangerous, Mrs. Uncommon Geek pointed out that I was spending more time playing that game than doing much else. I do tend to throw myself into a new game.

And that got me thinking… What would happen if I didn’t play any games for a month?

So, I decided to do it. I wouldn’t play ANY video games at all during the month of May! (more…)

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Episode number art 43

Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon geek square off against each other in 4 rounds of Superfight!

A game that came in February’s LootCrate (which was themed “Play!”) Superfight is a hilarious card game where players create fighters and argue why their fighter would win against another players fighter!

White cards have characters on them, and black cards are attributes that you give to each character! You create the best combination and create your “fighter” and, well, fight!

If you take the game out of this episode, it’s basically listening in on any typical day in The Uncommon geek household.

Be on the edge of your seat as you hear Godzilla, armed with a two-ton tuna and an army of disposable minions fight an ocelot armed with a machete and a Gatling gun! And other epic fights that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

To subscribe to your very own LootCrate, visit wwwlootcrate.com

And to buy the 500 card set of Superfight, visit www.superfightgame.com

Listen below and enjoy!


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We aren’t just doing this for us…

We are also doing it for YOU! All you little geeklings out there who live in the Nerdosphere!

And we love you all! In a fan adoring kind of way 🙂

Here’s your chance to let us know what you would like to see more of at The Uncommon Geek!

News? Tech? Cast your vote in the poll below! If you don’t see a specific category, pick the one closest to your answer and feel free to leave a comment on this post if you would like to get specific (I like specifics)!

Happy casting!


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