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img_4408Greetings, Programs!

As you know, I am a HUGE TRON fan.

Like, really huge.

Off and on, I have spent 4 years trying to track down any information on the popcorn maker that Alan Bradley used in the “popcorn scene” in TRON from 1982. It seems like an odd thing to want, but, hey, who doesn’t like popcorn! Especially if it’s from TRON!

4 days prior to this entry, I found it! I did a Google image search (just for grins) and found a side by side image comparison of a screen cap from TRON, and what appeared to be THE same style of popcorn maker! Turns out that someone from the TRON I/O forum had figured out not only the brand, but the exact model number!

It is a Wear-Ever popcorn Pumper model 72000!

I found a few on ebay ranging between $20-$40. I found one with the box and hit buy it now! I wanted the box because in the scene, you can see the popcorn maker’s box the desk next to the popcorn maker itself.

When I was getting ready to open the shipping box, I had the idea of doing my very first unboxing video!


Tonight, Mrs. Uncommon geek and I are going to make some Alan Bradley style popcorn and watch TRON!

Hopefully more TRON unboxings to come!



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“Not disintegrating, Alan — digitizing. While the laser is dismantling the molecular structure of the object, the computer maps out a holographic model of it. The molecules themselves are suspended in the laser beam. Then the computer reads the model back out, the molecules go back into place, and… voila!” -Dr. Walter Gibbs (TRON)

When TRON: Legacy came out, we went to see it the very first showing in IMAX 3D. It was so amazing and beautiful! We TRON fans have been waiting for this movie for about 28 years! It was definitely a sight to behold! But, something struck me as off around the third time I watched Legacy… (more…)

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The day was August 16, 2003. Everyone survived the Y2K scare and gas prices were at the ungodly price of $1.45 a gallon (yeah. I miss that too). PC games were making a comeback with advancements in graphics technology, but one game, just like its predecessor 21 years earlier, was more advance than others in its field.

But this time, being advanced worked against its favor.

The sequel of TRON was finally here! The PC game TRON 2.0! (more…)

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