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Matt Smith Omni-Tool

Because we had so much fun with the first Uncommon Geek “Top 5” list, we have decided to re-visit the idea! This time, Mr. Uncommon Geek and Neo are going in-depth, on what each considers to be the 5 greatest gadgets in science fiction! (more…)

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“Once upon a time there was a boy named John and John was an astronaut. He lived in a far away place called Earth which is so far away you’ve never heard of it. One day when John was out doing astronaut things a big, blue wormhole gobbled him up and spat him out at the far end of the universe. Things were looking grim in Mudville, till our hero met an amazing living ship, made some nice new friends, and he hooked up with his dream girl. We could’ve lived happily ever after, but the Peacekeepers raped, chased and tortured us for years on end. And two months ago, we got our asses shot off again. This time it was the Scarrans, big reptiles, oh! And Moya, our living ship, limped her way to your happy planet for a little R&R, because, we figure, it’s empty! Hey, no one is gonna bother us – Next thing, me and the future Mrs. Crichton are have a private moment when you guys fly by – boom – badda bing – squiggly line, squiggly line – crystallized and it’s two months later!” -John Crichton: Farscape – The Peacekeeper Wars
Today marks the 15th anniversary of Farscape! Back in the day before the sci-fi channel changed its programming from science fiction to cheesy horror D-movies and anything that isn’t science fiction, it had some kick ass shows. It was a good time for science fiction. Every decade, one show outshines the rest. It brings to the table something new that raises the bar for everything thereafter; be it special effects, or puppets, or characters, there is always something about a certain show that brings it to a new level. And for a lot of people, Farscape was that show!
It is hard to put into words exactly how much of an epic this show is! So, what better place than at the beginning! Well, the opening quote pretty much says it all… but, let’s try… (more…)

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When I realized that my humble site was close to its 100th post, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. All I knew is that I wanted to be the one who posted it. but, a post is nothing without content. Would I have an image with text? Would it be an epic “OMG” type of post? Would it just be “Happy 100th post!” like Mrs. Uncommon Geek jokingly suggested?

Frak if I know! (more…)

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At the time of this post, I am in the middle of writing a review of the TV series “Farscape.” Whenever I sit down to write a review of something that I truly and honestly love and enjoy, I find it extremely difficult to focus my thoughts on the aspects of the thing that I like about what I’m wanting to review. I mean, what do I focus on? How do I focus on just that one thing long enough to talk about it for that paragraph or two? (more…)

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