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Greetings Programs!

It seems as though, dispite how much I enjoy watching movies, I am somewhat picky about the movies I do watch. I will never turn down watching an awesome sci-fi movie, just to let you know, but indie films have always been hit or miss for me.

I have seen quite a few indie flicks. Some good, and some not so much. But I have never seen a movie that has been released under a full Creative Commons license until I heard about Exodos. (more…)

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Greetings my fellow geeks!

I’m not sure how to begin this. I could tell you about how I’ve tried to start a few blogs here and there, only to let them sit and collect the Internet’s version of dust, but that would take about as much time as it took to type this sentence. So, how about I tell you all a little about who I am.

But, before I do, let me take a moment to thank my girlfriend Alisha, for the inspiration to once again take up the keyboard and create this blog; the creators of the CC Licensed movie, Exodos, for inspiring me to think more about art; my photo design teacher Rodney, for giving me the spark to never stop; and Wil Wheaton, who, through podcasts, helped me discover Creative Commons, and who teaches every geek that it is okay to be yourself and to not let what others think keep you down.

My life as a geek started when I was 2 years old. The very first movie I remember seeing was Return of the Jedi when it first came out brand new in 1983. I barely remember anything about that day. I remember seeing Luke get his robotic hand shot. Then I remember the scene where the Falcon turns around from the new Death Star and a squad of TIE Interceptors breaks formation as they fly round it. Then I remember my father carrying me out of the theater in his arms. From what I can remember, that was the beginning of my life as a geek.

But, it didn’t end there. 1983 was also the year and age that I played my very first video game! Pitfall for the good old 2600! I once again barely remember this except for bits and pieces. That began my, and my brother’s as well, love of video games, and we have our uncle Dick to thank for that! I’m sure our parents think the same, but in a different light.

I was raised on both Star Trek and Star Wars. I have nothing but love for both. And when I say both, for Star Wars I mean the original trilogy. The only redeeming part of the new Star Wars trilogy is Revenge of the Sith. Mainly for the light saber battles! My best friend’s ex said it best when she explained her views on both: Star Wars is visual. It is meant to be witnessed. Star Trek, how it uses real science, explains and develops the characters back stories and shows you so much of the universe… is meant to be lived! And that is how I feel as well! Despite being raised on both, I feel closer to Star Trek. Not only for the characters (I chose Picard in the fight, thank you!), but mostly for the technology, and how Gene Roddenberry collaborated with JPL to make the technology of Star Trek as real as he could!

I was raised on The Next Generation (TNG). Kids my age who were lucky enough to be allowed to stay up that late to watch at least half an episode like I was related most with Wesley Crusher played by none other than the King of all Geeks, Wil Wheaton himself. I remember when I was in second grade pretending to be Wesley’s younger brother. Walking around school with my com badge, making the door opening and closing sounds as I walked into or out of a room. I even drew an exact replica layout of the navigation console on my desk at school!

I got into RPGs in middle school thanks to my friend Tony. D&D and Vampire were the main table tops. We spent roughly 3 years almost nonstop playing Magic: The Gathering. As far as I’m concerned, Fifth edition was the last good expansion. I enjoy playing D&D. I really do. but I get frustrated a little too easily with it. I blame myself. Well, mostly myself. Well, mostly bad DMs. Well, mainly the dice that bad DMs let me borrow.

They say you never forget your first Doctor. For me, I will never forget my first Dalek! The very first Star Trek convention I ever went to was in Indiana held by Starbase Indy. I remember pointing out this black and white robot and asking my parents if they could buy it for me. My father said no, because it was worth too much money and that I would open it and play with it. I didn’t find out until YEARS later what it was. It was an original Dalek toy in mint condition! I’m still not sure which series it was from. My parents tell me the story of how they let me get kidnapped by a group of Klingons at that same con and allowed them to take me all over the place, and eventually returned me to my parents when they discovered that I had a stuffed tribble behind my back. And to be honest, I never started watching Dr. Who until last year. Shh!

What is to come within the next few days, I hear you asking? … inside my head… A layout and graphics change for starters. I got the main thing done, and what was getting the URL attached to the blog, which is being hosted through WordPress. I also am going to be doing a lot of work on here that will be released under Creative Commons. I am also a photographer, and will be doing a series that will be 100% CC Licensed! And some posts will be CC as well! For more information about Creative Commons, please check out creativecommons.org

My hope for this blog is that it will become somewhat frequented by geeks of all kinds. I hope to do at least one post a week, and that maybe… someday… Wil Wheaton himself will read my postings and enjoy!


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