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Episode number art 52

One of the things I love about having a booth at a convention is getting to talk to the con-goers and other people who are there promoting their stuff. And if it’s a convention where I know people and other creators, that makes it all the more better!

While at Derby City Comic Con 2015, we had the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships! And we are going to share our interviews with YOU!

First up, we speak with con goer Kiva (sorry if I spelled that wrong), and we asked her “The Question!”

Next, we have professional cosplayer and internationally famed Santana Cosplay! She was in the booth across from us! Check out her photos at her professional facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SantanaCosplay

Next, we have Larry from Spell Forge Games promoting his Co-op fantasy deck building game “Foe Hunter!” He was our booth neighbor and is genuinely an awesome guy! Check out his site at www.spellforgegames.com and please donate to his KickStarter and help get Foe Hunter made at Foe Hunter KickStarter!

Returning for a second tine, we have the famed Eric Adams! Creator of Lackluster World as well as the ONLY Amishpunk comic book in the world “RUMSPRINGA!” We congratulate him on his successful KickStarter and to see how his post-KickStarter life has been!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the man with the MOST KICK ASS COSPLAY EVER, Richard! I’m not going to spoil his costume for you, but, it is AMAZING!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Derby City Comic Con 2015 to say hi, and welcome to our newest listeners/readers/fans!

Listen below and enjoy!


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Green Lantern 9 issues

A small assortment from my Green Lantern Collection.

Last year, I off and on started to passively collect comic books. My collection didn’t pass 15 issues before I sold them all off to help fund my short lived relocation to Washington state. I primarily had odd issues of X-Men, the rarest being Magneto issue 0, an issue with the X-Babies, and some issues of Cable. I had some other titles that I can not recall, but one of my favorites was an issue that I regret selling, mainly because it was a gift from a good friend. It was Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliance! And that memory has sparked me to do something that I was kicking around for a long while, but haven’t found the drive to do until just a few months ago…

Collect every single issue of Green Lantern!


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episode number pic 22

As you may remember, Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon Geek went to Derby City Comic Con 2014 a week or so ago and met some pretty awesome people!

And, if you recall, we mentioned that we recorded some interviews!

In this episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast, be amazed as we interview… Chuck Moore: The guy behind the con! Joe Gilbert and Willis Alvey: who are some of the minds behind the wickedly awesome comic book, TETHER! Les Garner: The god who created Apocalypse Girl! And, John Wilson: The man, the legend, the one who keeps Chuck sane and co-owner of Comic Related!

We both had an amazing time, and can not wait to go back again next year! Below, please find the links to all the things!

Derby City Comic Con: http://derbycitycomiccon.com

TETHER: http://tethercomic.com

Les Garner’s Apocalypse Girl: http://www.sixus1.com and http://skystormstudio.com

Comic Related: http://comicrelated.com

Today’s song, I felt, needed a little bit more of a geek flare, so I chose “Otaku Help Line” by Victory Road from the album “Forever the Optimist”  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Find all of his stuff at his Bandcamp at http://v-road.bandcamp.com/ and as always, check out creativecommons.org to see how CC licenses can help you in your creative and educational goals!


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Apocalypse Girl cover ADJUST

Derby City Comic Con. While I am not new to attending conventions, I am still somewhat new to the comic book scene. I often confuse Marvel with DC and have only really been interested enough in one or two story lines to want to purchase a serial comic at a local comic book store.

The thing that will get me to buy a thing to read generally rests on the story that it can tell. I have read many types of books by many different authors since I was very young.  Since entering the world of adult responsibilities, the main thing to change in my reading habits is that I have become more discriminating about what I read. Since I have less time to read for pleasure, it had better be a good story worth reading.

While I was wandering around the showroom floor at Derby City, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Les Garner who is working on his first full graphic novel which is titled Apocalypse Girl and will be published in the future by SkyStorm Studio.  He was offering for sale the introduction of the story of Apocalypse Girl, as well as some of the art and pages that are already completed.

Les Garner DCCC 2014


The encounter went a little something like this…*


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As I sit at the table in our hotel room at the end of day one, wearing the TETHER/Derby City Comic Con shirt, resting up for the Ford Theater Reunion show that starts at around 9pm tonight at the time of this writing, I am struggling as to exactly how to begin my review of the awesomeness that is Derby City Comic Con. I mean, sure, it has been a long day, but, I can at least get the entry started, right? (more…)

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Comic books. We’ve all read them. We all have a favorite title, publisher, artist, hero, you name it. Mine is Green Lantern… Kyle Rayner to be specific. I relate to him as a fellow artist.

I have always wanted to go to a comic con, but not knowing a lot about comics in general, I have always been hesitant. But, when we went to the I. C. E., I wanted to learn more about indy press. And when I had the opportunity to purchase tickets to GCCC, I took it! (more…)

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