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Greetings, Programs!

Today (or tonight depending on when you’re listening) on the podcast we have James Pitt of Dayton Artist Movement Productions in for our very first geekout episode since being R3C0NF1GUR3D!

We ask him”The Question”, ask him a little about himself, and then begin talking about and geeking out on science fiction, and ever so lightly brush on the idea of conspiracy theories!

Check out the Dayton Artist Movement Productions Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Dayton-Artist-Movement-Productions-500377143637457/ and give it a like! Let him know that you heard him on the podcast!



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Episode number art 39

Today, we bring you  a two-fold of firsts!

First, an interview with our very first band, Cursed of Cassandra!

And second-first (?) is that this episode falls on the day of an event that is mentioned in the podcast! So, you have the whole wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey thing going on!

That’s right! Curse of Cassandra, Dayton, Ohio’s electronica band joins Troy and Neo at Uncommon Geek HQ to talk music, how they all met, how they got started… and other things, as you will soon hear! Basically, in Uncommon Geek podcast normal fashion, we get off topic!

And tonight, Programs, you can see Curse of Cassandra in concert with High 5 R!ot at the Therapy Cafe in downtown Dayton, Ohio! Be advised that it is an 18+ show. Info about the show can be found at http://www.reverbnation.com/show/14602140

And stay tuned at the end of the episode to hear Curse of Cassandra’s song “Hunger” off their new album’Night!” Want to buy the album? Check out http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/CurseOfCassandra !

Today’s intro song is “Space 1337” by Or4 released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License! Head on over to their Bandcamp at https://soundcloud.com/0r4 for all the awesome songs they have, and as always, check out creativecommons.org to learn more about how CC licenses can help you in your creative quests.


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episode number pic 36

I can adequately describe this episode in two words…

Mel Novak!

That’s right! Today, we have Mr. Mel Novak on the podcast! You will recognize him playing villains in movies like his character Blue Eyes in “Black Belt Jones” with Jim Kelly and Stick in the movie “Game of Death” with Bruce Lee among many others!

A word of warning about the audio… in the middle of recording, a wrestling match started up, and in a few spots it becomes difficult to hear what is being said.

Mel was an absolutely amazing guy to have on the podcast! I really want to get him back on sometime because their are more questions I would have liked to ask that, at the time, I didn’t think to ask. And Mrs. Uncommon Geek gave him a cupcake!

Mel also has a Ministry where he goes to prisons and preaches to inmates on Skid Row. You can find out more about him and his Ministry at his web site at http://melnovak.com/new/

I wanted something special for today’s episode, so I used the music from Episode 10. “Stormsong” by Vince Kaichan which is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Visit http://vincekaichan.bandcamp.com/ for all his awesome work, and for more information on Creative Commons, visit http://creativecommons.org 


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episode number pic 24

Greetings, Internet!

Today’s episode is a bit of a long one, but, it shall not disapoint, because it is EPIC!

Sheri from Epic Con Geek Fest joins us on this episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast to talk about her convention!

And holy frak! The name of it says it all! This con is HUGE! I mean, Red Dwarf HUGE! You know… how the mining ship Red Dwarf pulled a planets moon out of orbit because it got too close because the ship is so big that it has its own gravitational field? Yeah. That big!

Epic Con has partnered with the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, so by going to Epic Con, you are helping a good cause!

For all the information about Epic Con, visit http://www.epic-con-ohio.com

and for information about Pulmonary Fibrosis and what you can do to help, visit the foundations web site at http://www.pulmonaryfibrosis.org

Also, don’t forget about our contest where you could win a $25 ThinkGeek gift certificate! Info at https://uncommongeek.com/contest

Today’s music is from The Virus Empire once again using the song, “Memory *IS* RAM” off his album Oscillate Assimilate which is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License! Check out his BandCamp at http://thevirusempire.bandcamp.com and Check out creativecommons.org for everything you’ll need to know about CC!


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The Facts

Fabric: socks

Pattern: self-drafted

Year: current

Notions: buttons and thread from stash

Time to complete: I think I finished this one while watching Skyfall

First worn: N/A

Wear again? N/A

Total Cost: $5 for all materials

Interesting fact: Not directly related to the week’s theme. I mean, there are several characters that could have inspired this, but not quite like how it turned out.


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The Facts

Fabric: t-shirt from father’s closet, scrap t-shirt from epic quilt of epicness

Pattern: from Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T-shirt by megan nicolay

Year: book published 2006

Notions: thread, pin

Time to complete: two cups of coffee

First worn: Not yet. I’m waiting for the fabled warmer weather.

Wear again? Hopefully I will get a lot of use out of this shirt.

Total Cost: all from stash, so $0 (more…)

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