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Episode number art 44

We here at The Uncommon Geek enjoy reading comics.

Who doesn’t, right?!

So, when I had the opportunity to interview Eric Adams, the creator of the comic series “Lackluster World”, I jumped on it!

And let me tell you, he was an absolute pleasure to speak to!

We spoke a little bit at a few conventions, but never as in depth as this episode!

We talk about his flagship series, Lackluster World, as well as his Kickstarter to help get all seven issues printed into one complete volume with never-before-seen content!

And we also talk a lot about sci-fi and how awesome Farscape is!

To learn more about the series Lackluster World, as well as some awesome merch, check out http://www.lacklusterworld.com/

To support the Kickstarter, head on over to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ericadams/lackluster-world-hardcover-graphic-novel

And to check out the new publishing company, Narrier, check out http://www.narrier.com/

Listen with the player below, and enjoy!


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Guardians of the Galaxy

In their most ambitious film since The Avengers, Marvel takes the plunge into the final frontier with their latest blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy! The Uncommon Geek has you covered, with a full review, and a podcast with initial impressions of this newest Marvel movie. Spoilers are included! (more…)

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The City on the Edge of Forever Issue # 1

Though Harlan Ellison’s original, unaltered teleplay for “The City on the Edge of Forever” has been published for years, there has never been a proper, visual rendition of his unedited story… until now. The Uncommon Geek reviews Issue # 1 of  Harlan Ellison’s “The City on the Edge of Forever,” which is published by IDW. (more…)

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Green Lantern 9 issues

A small assortment from my Green Lantern Collection.

Last year, I off and on started to passively collect comic books. My collection didn’t pass 15 issues before I sold them all off to help fund my short lived relocation to Washington state. I primarily had odd issues of X-Men, the rarest being Magneto issue 0, an issue with the X-Babies, and some issues of Cable. I had some other titles that I can not recall, but one of my favorites was an issue that I regret selling, mainly because it was a gift from a good friend. It was Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliance! And that memory has sparked me to do something that I was kicking around for a long while, but haven’t found the drive to do until just a few months ago…

Collect every single issue of Green Lantern!


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tether 001 cover

For me to get into something, it has to be special. It has to be unique. And most of all, it has to be awesome! It has to come off as something that can stand on its own and yet be able to make me feel that I can become part of it. Though I do not read a lot of comics, a few titles have been able to do all of this. And the newest addition to this small selection is TETHER! (more…)

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Man Of Steel

DC Comic fans generally seem to hate it. Critics seem to be divided. Fans of popcorn action are giving it a thumbs up. So what really happened in the 2013 blockbuster, Man of Steel? Join me on The Uncommon Geek as I take a closer look at the latest iteration of Superman. Beware: spoilers await! (more…)

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