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Neo’s review of a surprising and delightful find in the world of books: Steven Erikson’s Willful Child, the author’s own “personal love-letter to Star Trek.” Make it so. (more…)

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coverI love Art. Art is the mirror that is held up to humanity so we can see ourselves for what we really are. It condenses things down so they become something that we can digest. It puts them on a level where we can see things from all different angles and perspectives, through a lens that we don’t normally perceive our universe through.

Art becomes a way to communicate about complex issues, without necessarily ever talking about the issues. Science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, and myths are a great medium for talking about serious, complex issues that otherwise don’t get talked about. Myths and fairy tales are both great at teaching why it is a good idea to be a good person. (more…)

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28 years since the arguably hit novel was released and captured the minds of an untold number of children and adults alike, Ender’s Game is finally hitting the silver screen. For some, this is a celebration of a beloved novel being realized into a new medium, for others their first foray into the future war for Earth’s survival. But how does it stack up? Is it as good as the book? Better? Worse? Is it a blemish on the beloved series’ now impressive mythos? I’m here to give you my thoughts on all of it, as spoiler free as possible. (more…)

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