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episode-number-art-83We have our very own Neo Ethereal on the podcast!

Wait… I mean, we have author Daniel Craig on the podcast!

Our very own podcast co-host talks about his first published book, After Terra: Year 200 and the inspiration behind it, as well as the therapy of creating a novel!

You can purchase his first book, After Terra: Year 200 on amazon.com http://amzn.to/2imhQ1G

You can also pre-order the sequel, After Terra: In the Baron’s Shadow on Amazon.com as well http://amzn.to/2ipbMS5

You can also find him on facebook at facebook.com/dcraigterranauthor and on twitter at @theterranauthor

Listen below and Enjoy!


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A few weeks ago, I was having coffee with a friend at a locally owned coffee shop that was playing Original Star Trek on its TV.

The Original Star Trek (TOS) was playing on the TV which sparked several conversations about Star Trek, theoretical astrophysics, temporal mechanics, applicable warp-field theories, and discussing the finer points of the Prime Directive while I was wearing a Star Wars shirt.

One of the topics that came up was this site. As the conversation progressed, I felt that I knew what my friend was hinting at. So I politely interjected with something along the lines of, “Are you asking if you can write for my blog?”

Looking somewhat relieved that he knew we were both on the same page, we talked more. (more…)

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