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Digital Champions small

“You got one minute to say your peace.” -Alpha Riff

When we reviewed Alpha Riff’s Final Fantasy VI tribute album, he told us that he was getting ready to release a full length Hip-Hopera about his persona, Alpha Riff and his companion, MZ. I told him that I definitely wanted to review that when it was ready! The album dropped on November 8th, and due to things beyond my control, this review is posting late. But, by golly, this album is kick ass!

Following the story that was described in an exclusive track featured on Nerdcore Absolution: Volume II called “Digital Champions: Bounty,” this story follows the bounty hunter, Alpha Riff, who is rather well known for his craft. He is accompanied by an A.I. by the name of MZ.

It all starts with a Phone call… (more…)

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VI Album Art

Tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon Geek bring you their first collaborative post together!

Ah, music…

Where would fandom be without it? It sets the atmosphere for what’s going on, be it in a movie, TV show, TETHER issue 1, and of course, video games!

Music in video games comes in a few different flavors: OK, cool, awesome, epic, and inspiring. That last one is what brings you this review… (more…)

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