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I’m not much one for going into a lot of depth when talking about the years end. I typically make a facebook post about how I felt about the year and put a song link in that I feel is an appropriate farewell song. But, this year, 2013 has been probably the hardest year that I can remember ever living through. I went through so much in this year, and I know I’m not the only one. In short: This year frakking sucked! (more…)

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“I didn’t call myself the Doctor during the Time War, but it was still a regeneration.” -The Doctor

Probably as anticipated as the 50th anniversary, the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special has been on the lips of every Whovian ever since Matt Smith announced that he was indeed stepping down from the role of The Doctor. No one know what to expect this year, but, here it is, the day after the Christmas special, and every social media is filled with warm and loving good-byes for Matt Smith, and hardly any welcomes for Peter Capaldi that I have seen. (more…)

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Well, it’s Christmas!

For some, it’s all about family. For others, it’s the “reason for the season” (trying to keep it neutral here).

For Whovians, it’s about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and this year, we get a new Doctor!

But, for Mrs. Uncommon Geek and I, it’s all about the geek Christmas specials! (more…)

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My how time flies! It seems like not that long ago that we had the very first Pandoracon (Cincinnati’s newest and fastest growing sci-fi/fantasy convention)! I was fortunate enough to have gone to the first Pandoracon back in 2012, but due to my jobs schedule at the time, I was only able to go Saturday and Sunday, totally missing out on the fun that Friday.

This year, I actually planned out my cosplay. I kept it a secret from quite a few people, with the only hint I gave was, “It’s a secret to everybody.” No one got the hint. If you know anything about video games, I’m sure you got the oblivious hint of it being related to The Legend of Zelda.

The cosplay idea was the Old Man who gave Link his swords and helped him throughout the game!

But, with a twist! (no, this isn’t the twist referred to in the title. That comes later.) (more…)

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Within the past 5 years or so, I have started going to conventions somewhat regularly. The what restarted the habit was Marcon (Multiple Alternative Reality convention), but that is a different post for a different time. If you’re reading this, you want to hear about the gaming convention GenCon!

First, let me tell you that I went there to help out a vendor, Sylvan Creations and I highly recommend checking them out! But, I was able to get out and about a few times to see as much as I could.

And holy frak their was a lot to see! (more…)

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