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On today’s episode, we venture out beyond the Kuiper Belt and talk about the precious cargo that the Voyager space probes have on board.

That’s right! Today we discuss the Voyager Golden Record!


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Prof. Stephen William Hawking : Jan. 8, 1942 – March 14, 2018


I have three heroes in my life that I look up to.

Albert Einstein taught me that you don’t have to be smart to be intelligent.

Wil Wheaton taught me to never be ashamed to be my geeky self and to not be a dick.

And Prof. Stephen Hawking taught me that limitations are only what we make them to be, and to never let anything stop us from doing what we want to do.

This morning, I woke up to the news that one of my heroes, Prof. Stephen Hawking, passed away…


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Episode number art 53

Anything that has to do with space is awesome!

And when we get to see a new planet up close and personal, it’s even more awesome!

And when it’s Pluto, and we finally get to see what it actually looks like for the first time in┬áhuman history, awesome does not even begin to do it justice!

This episode is all about Pluto and space! With special guest star Tyler Grant, we talk about our reactions to the first sharp, true color image of the dwarf planet and what we think the future of humanity and space might be as a result.

Personally, I hope to see humanity move into space in my lifetime, and we discuss all of that in detail!

Pluto… looking mighty fine!

Listen below and enjoy!


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As you all know, I love video games. I’ve been Playing video games for practically all my life.

Earlier this year after I started playing Elite: Dangerous, Mrs. Uncommon Geek pointed out that I was spending more time playing that game than doing much else. I do tend to throw myself into a new game.

And that got me thinking… What would happen if I didn’t play any games for a month?

So, I decided to do it. I wouldn’t play ANY video games at all during the month of May! (more…)

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Technology continues to advance at a fevered pace. But, does it really need to? Do we even fully grasp the things we use before we declare them obsolete? (more…)

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Matt Smith Omni-Tool

Because we had so much fun with the first Uncommon Geek “Top 5” list, we have decided to re-visit the idea! This time, Mr. Uncommon Geek and Neo are going in-depth, on what each considers to be the 5 greatest gadgets in science fiction! (more…)

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The Matrix Movie Poster

Part Four: Endgame



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