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As you may have heard in the far corners of the internet, there are whispers that The Uncommon Geek is coming back…

Is this true?


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Also, in other news, we’re are all still geeks here, don’t worry. (more…)

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Every now and then, I to do posts to keep you, the fans, up to date’ish on what we here at The Uncommon Geek are working on.

And this is one of those posts.

“What’s been up?” (more…)

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Episode number art 53

Anything that has to do with space is awesome!

And when we get to see a new planet up close and personal, it’s even more awesome!

And when it’s Pluto, and we finally get to see what it actually looks like for the first time in┬áhuman history, awesome does not even begin to do it justice!

This episode is all about Pluto and space! With special guest star Tyler Grant, we talk about our reactions to the first sharp, true color image of the dwarf planet and what we think the future of humanity and space might be as a result.

Personally, I hope to see humanity move into space in my lifetime, and we discuss all of that in detail!

Pluto… looking mighty fine!

Listen below and enjoy!


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It has been a while, but I’m going to cut to the chase, because you folks don’t want to hear about the excuses of the perpetually prone-to-deadline-missing author, you want content. And I’m here to give it to you, in a new weekly post set known as The Uncommon Publication. Every Friday, I’ll post up something I’ve been working on. This might be a finished draft I’ve edited from my archives, a brand new piece of work I construct that day, or anything in between. It could be poetry, an excerpt from a novel I’m failing to finish, or even a piece of flash fiction seeing the light of screen for the very first time. No genre is safe, no prose unexplored. So stay tuned, and to get your reader appetite wet, here is an exclusive pre-launch poetry posting!

ashes fell tenderly from the sky

a city forced against its will into slumber

just one simple push that’s all it took in the end

who knew the world was made of such fragile glass

in the streets we cheered for those responsible

seems a hero is a villain who’s on your side

the first was meant to be the last

but then the second came along

after all this kind of a war is simply

a game played by bored rich men

put on show for all to see

on the grandest of stages

you know what they say

bad things come in threes

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Greetings, Internet!

Today’s episode of The Uncommon Newscast is dedicated to those funny little subatomic particles called photons!

Links to the stories:

Scientists slow down the speed of light: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-30944584

Riding light video: http://aswinehart.com/Riding-Light

Planet animation by: Footage Island
Music by: Evan King
All images are assumed to be public domain.

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It’s another episode of The Uncommon Newscast!
Today, we bring you news about biohacking in Sweden and what the new definition of what broadband is and how it MAY change your internet speed!

Sources for the news stories:

Sub dermal microchip: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31…

FCC changes the definition of broadband minimum speeds: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2015/01/broa…

Planet animation by: Footage Island
Music by: Evan King
All images are assumed to be public domain.

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