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Who Mourns For Adonais

The U.S.S. Enterprise comes face-to-face with Greek mythology in this week’s episode. (more…)

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Battlestar Galactica (1978) Movie Poster

The Uncommon Geek review of classic Battlestar Galactica continues, with the middle chapter of the pilot episode, “Saga of a Star World.” (more…)

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Depiction of Ragnarok

In the third and final part of the Norse mythology article, I take a look at some of the heroes of that pantheon: a few of the legendary characters whose influence on our writing and culture is felt even today. (more…)

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Ragnarok Issue # 1

A new comic series published by IDW, Ragnarok is an original tale crafted by acclaimed comic book creator, Walter Simonson, and is steeped heavily in Norse mythology. Neo, The Uncommon Geek’s resident enthusiast of said mythology, takes a look at the first issue of this new series. (more…)

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In part two of my geeking out over Norse Mythology, I explore the Norse Cosmos, and where it diverges from what you see presented in mainstream motion pictures, such as Marvel’s Thor. (more…)

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The Facts

Fabric: Lace from…various sources (yard sales, estate sales, other crafter’s stashbusting events)

Pattern: based on a thing that I saw on Pinterest (inspiration photo above)

Year: 2013

Notions: Lace, crochet, beads, baubles, scrapbook paper, vintage frames, new frames, found items, previous projects, etc.

Time to complete: Many hours of cleaning, searching, placing, fighting, rearranging, putting together, taking apart, and doing everything all over again. Still a work in progress.


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Despite many attempts to extinguish it throughout recorded history, “pagan” cultures and faiths, such as that embraced by the Norse peoples of Old World Scandinavia, continue to endure and even flourish in today’s world. Norse culture and mythology in particular is very often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and is rife with cliches that have little or no basis in reality. This weekend on The Uncommon Geek, join me for the first leg on a journey of exploration into a different realm of geeking out, one that is all about mythology, culture, heritage, and why the ideals of the Vikings endure even today.


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