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As you are well aware now… we are back!

But, for a time, this site… everything that The Uncommon Geek was… is… was almost lost forever.


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sidequest number pic 7

How many chances does one have to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity? And what if that opportunity is to see ones favorite movie of all time on the big screen? With modern digital projectors, all one needs is their favorite movie on DVD or other digital media, hook it into the projector and BAM! Big screen experience.

But, what if that experience could be better… (more…)

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If you have ever attended a Pandora Promotions event in and around the Cincinnati area, chances are you have probably seen or have met Derpy Derpaceratops. That cute little stuffed Triceratops with the one droopy horn who has a wicked fashion sense! He has been brought to life by a few good friends of mine, and I look forward to seeing Derpy and friends every time I go to an event! (more…)

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In 2007, I discovered a game called Eve Online. I played for a while, made some friends, then quit. Back in 2010, I got back into playing it again. I played for about a year or so, then I quit… Again. I started to play off and on for a while. I made new friends through the game.

Yes, I said friends.

One of those friends I even interviewed for our podcast… Dark Knight666 (DK) for Episode 3. (more…)

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Final Fantasy Logo

One Uncommon Geek’s celebration of the two games which introduced him to the RPG genre, both of which remain close to his gaming heart to this day. (more…)

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The Facts

Fabric: thrifted t-shirts

Pattern: from YouTube videos

Year: 2013

Notions: embroidery floss, bamboo skewers, spray paint, thread

Time to complete: I don’t remember

First worn: N/A

Wear again? No

Total Cost: Used items from my stash, so probably under $10 for everything.


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I played magic: The Gathering every day for 2 years straight in middle school. Got back into it a few times since.

“Oh. You’re back into that again?”

How many times have you heard this in your life so far?

I’ve lost count at age 10. (more…)

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