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Today, we finally have the geektastic Tyler Grant on the podcast!

After too much of life happening, we were finally able to get our schedules to match!

The original plan was to have this be a two-parter episode and to record again the nest day, but, various things out of our control happened, and we are now trying to match up our things once again!

In the first half, we talk mainly about one of Tyler’s favorite anime’s, “Dragonball Z,” then we talk some about his history as a photographer, and how we met in photography school.

There is much more to him than this part of the podcast shows, so stay tuned for part two to happen… sometime.

Listen below and enjoy!


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While I am figuring out how to schedule my time appropriately, here is another blog posting of something I have made previously…




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I played magic: The Gathering every day for 2 years straight in middle school. Got back into it a few times since.

“Oh. You’re back into that again?”

How many times have you heard this in your life so far?

I’ve lost count at age 10. (more…)

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Hot Rod lighting the darkest hour inside Unicron.

The Transformers. More than meets the eye! Every kid who grew up in the 80’s loved those robots in disguise and my brother and I were no exception! Between the two of us, we had our own little army of transforming warriors! Though he had more than I did, we still had a blast. He always sided with the Decepticons while I always fought on the side of the Autobots! The Transformers were an important part of my childhood. So when I found out that a live action version of the franchise was going to be made, I was excited!

Though later, I found that I shouldn’t have been. (more…)

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Photo Jan 24, 8 11 39 PM

I’m not much for Christmas. Never really have been for whatever reason. Sure, their have been memorable events to happen on Christmas, but those events have always been few and far between. Since Mrs. Uncommon Geek and I have been living together, we have, for reasons beyond us, have accumulated multiple Christmases. Since I’m not much one for Christmas, is this a bad thing? Not at all! It isn’t about the gifts, it’s about the fellowship of being around people you love. But, this post isn’t about a typical Christmas… this is about one of, if not THE best present I have ever received! The Quilt of Has-Yet-To-Be-Named! (more…)

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Japanese anime has captured the hearts and imagination of the young and the old across the world, and especially in America. What is it that draws people to anime? Depending on who you ask, you will get a wide range of answers, and some of those answers that over lap are: The animation style, compelling story lines and arcs, the use of mecha, and the realistically believable situations that characters can get themselves into. I know a lot of people who love anime. Most are around my age (early 30’s), and a few are past 50. but, no matter what anime you are into, or why you like it, everyone will agree on one thing…

AKIRA changed the genre forever! (more…)

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