In anticipation of Age of Ultron’s imminent U.S. theatrical release, this Uncommon Geek wanted to take another look at its prequel, and examine why it was such a hit. Continue Reading »

What Day Is It?


Do you ever think that it’s one day and then find out that it is a totally different day?

That has been my week thus far. Continue Reading »


“It is inevitable. It is your destiny…” Continue Reading »

Episode number art 47

That’s right! We have James Garrett on the podcast!

Fellow nerd and head of Stebbins CON in Dayton, OH, James talks about how the small convention got its humble beginnings and a little of what we can expect in 2015 with the convention’s fifth year!

We talk about everything from conventions, to comic books and comic book shops, to horror movies and a lot in between! James is a real awesome guy, and I’m glad that I finally had a chance to talk with him one on one!

Stebbins CON is held at Stebbins High School in Dayton, Ohio and is May 23rd, and we will be there!

For all the info on Stebbins CON, check out the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1422656488049367/

Listen below, and enjoy!




Though perhaps not to the same extent as the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, Mass Effect 1 does empower the player with considerable control over the narrative. Continue Reading »

By request of a fan, today I present a review and video playthrough of an oft-overlooked game in the Sonic universe: Sonic CD! Continue Reading »


“Not disintegrating, Alan — digitizing. While the laser is dismantling the molecular structure of the object, the computer maps out a holographic model of it. The molecules themselves are suspended in the laser beam. Then the computer reads the model back out, the molecules go back into place, and… voila!” -Dr. Walter Gibbs (TRON)

When TRON: Legacy came out, we went to see it the very first showing in IMAX 3D. It was so amazing and beautiful! We TRON fans have been waiting for this movie for about 28 years! It was definitely a sight to behold! But, something struck me as off around the third time I watched Legacy… Continue Reading »


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