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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

I still can’t believe we’ve made it this far!

Welcome to the BIG 50th frakkin’ episode!

Since I felt that the first episode wasn’t as good as what we are producing now, we invited back our first podcast guests: Charlie and Ginny of The Charlie Tonic Hour!

We talk about everything! How the first episode went, how the show is different now than from when we first started, we compare shows and the differences with them, and a whole lot of other topics! We pulled out all the stops!

And, yes, we are already planning something for our 100th episode blowout!

If you have been listening from the beginning, I want to thank you for sticking around this far!

And if you are new to the show, welcome! I hope you enjoy what we are making!

Listen below and Enjoy!




Any child who grew up in the 80’s, as I did, remembers Jem and the Holograms. Some say it was meant for the girl audience, but, with action, science fiction, and a pretty decent plot, it encompassed a wide audience for its time. It was produced by the same studios that did G. I. Joe as well as the Gen 1 Transformers. I wouldn’t have called myself a fan, but I watched it when it was on, and enjoyed it as the young geekling I was. Continue Reading »

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“I think therefore I am.”

You can program a computer to say this, but does that mean it has intelligence? What is intelligence? Is there any difference between artificial and biological intelligence? Our parents teach us things, which is basically programming, so are we any different than a program learning how to calculate based in information you give it?

This is what Troy, Neo and Matt discuss on today’s episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast! A heavy subject indeed!

Is there a difference between A. I. and biologic intelligence? Let us know what you think!

*Please forgive any editing errors as our chief editing Monkey’s computer was recently formatted and all editing presets were lost.*

Listen below and enjoy!


Mad Max Fury Road

Max Rockatansky returns to the big screen, and this Uncommon Geek is thrilled to have witnessed it. Continue Reading »

Photo May 13, 10 00 51 PMHello readers.

The podcast known as “Welcome to Night Vale” is currently on tour. On Wednesday, May 13th, they stopped in Cincinnati Ohio and performed at the Taft theater. I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets so my husband and I could attend. I was afraid that the show would sell out and I would be forced to listen to everyone around me tell tales of how it was a wonderful experience and I would just be sitting there like, “c’mon guys. I could have gone with you and stood outside the theater and pretended to experience the show through some sort of osmosis.” Instead, the show didn’t sell out and I was able to get us tickets. Now, all that is left is sharing the night with all of you and not spoiling anything for those who haven’t had the chance to experience the story yet.

Continue Reading »

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“Do events transpire for no good reason? Things just go wrong and mishaps wash over you, inevitable as the tide? Or is there a grand destiny? A scheme of things that unfolds according to a master design, created by a vast, unseen being that we can only imagine? If it’s the former, then Kevin Flynn is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the latter, then Flynn is just doing what his Creator designed him to do. He’s no different than any other program. In a world divided into users and those who are themselves used… Flynn is about to become both.”

I love TRON! It’s my all time favorite movie! My all time favorite arcade game! My all time favorite story! My all time ultimate geek fantasy! When Blog Monkey Neo gifted me with a trade paperback called TRON – Original Movie Adaption I was ecstatic! I knew I had to do a review! Continue Reading »

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We’ve got Tim Waggoner on the podcast!

Author, teacher, geek!

Neo leads the episode as we find out how Tim got into writing, teaching and the mystery behind sand being mailed to his home!

Tim has written many books including several horror novels Stargate novel tie-in’s!

To learn more about Tim, visit his website at http://timwaggoner.com/

To read Neo’s review of Tim Waggoner’s book, check it out at http://wp.me/p1zAUA-AR

Listen below and enjoy!



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