Operation -- Annihilate!

The final episode of Star Trek’s first season, pits the Enterprise crew against an extragalactic alien menace. This is “Operation – – Annihilate!” Continue Reading »

Guardians of the Galaxy

In their most ambitious film since The Avengers, Marvel takes the plunge into the final frontier with their latest blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy! The Uncommon Geek has you covered, with a full review, and a podcast with initial impressions of this newest Marvel movie. Spoilers are included! Continue Reading »



That’s right! We are looking for geeks and nerds to write for us!

Are you creative? Have lots of nerdy experiences to share? Do you write fiction and/or fantasy? Fan fiction? Do you enjoy geeking out in general? The, my friend, you’re just right for our site!

We are looking for not only reviews, but to have personal geeky and nerdy stories and rants on a regular/semi-regular basis, more or less once a week or every other week from each contributor.

You can use your real name, or a made up one! We have both going on here!

But, this does come with one small catch… You won’t be eligible to enter any of our contests. That’s it. The only catch!

If you are interested, all you have to do is email the Boss monkey at bossmonkey@uncommongeek.com with some information about yourself and what you are interested in writing for the site!

Do you have what it takes to be a Blog Monkey?



Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie or TV show and thought to yourself, “Man! I would hate to have that one person’s job that they are doing in the background!” We have! And here at The Uncommon Geek keep having so much fun doing list posts, that we’ve decided to do our top 5 picks for worst jobs in science fiction! Some of them are real, on-screen jobs, and others are ones that we know exist, but haven’t actually seen! ANd read all the way to the end for a new contest! Let us begin!

Continue Reading »

The City on the Edge of Forever Issue # 1

Though Harlan Ellison’s original, unaltered teleplay for “The City on the Edge of Forever” has been published for years, there has never been a proper, visual rendition of his unedited story… until now. The Uncommon Geek reviews Issue # 1 of  Harlan Ellison’s “The City on the Edge of Forever,” which is published by IDW. Continue Reading »

Bones travels through time

In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, “The City on the Edge of Forever,” Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy travels back in time to 1930s Earth and changes history, creating an alternate reality. Might his tampering have had more lasting effects than we realize? Continue Reading »

The City on the Edge of Forever

The following adjectives are just some ways to describe this episode of Star Trek: beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing. Despite controversy surrounding its re-write, this remains a legendaryemotionally gripping, and utterly moving story. Continue Reading »


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