City on the Edge of Forever Issue 2

This week, Neo returns to the comic world to review Issue # 2 of The City on the Edge of Forever, the Star Trek mini-series based on Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay. Continue Reading »

Episode 26: Bullying

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On today’s show, we get a little more serious for a moment.

Today, we talk about bullying.

Not teasing, but all out bullying.

We are aware that this subject could be hard for some to listen to, so please listen at your own digression, but this was a subject that I’ve been wanting to write and talk about for some time.

If you are, or have been a victim of bullying, even as an adult in the work place (yes, it does happen, and yes, I have been a victim of that), please know that you are not alone, and you have people and resources that can help you.

If you need immediate help, please speak to someone… Anyone who will listen. If you want, I, the Uncommon Geek can be an ear. Feel free to email me at bossmonkey@uncommongeek.com Also, the number for the National Crisis hot line is 1-800-273-8255 and are available 24/7/365. I have it in my phone, just in case.

The Be a Star program.


The national Stop Bullying Campaign.


Today’s music is the song “A Night of Dizzy Spells” from Eric Skiff off his album “Resistor Anthems” Released under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Check out his music at http://ericskiff.com/music/ and, yes, as always, check out creativecommons.org for how CC Licenses can help you in your creative adventures!


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Everyone who has taken a stab at writing has, invariably, come across the phenomenon known as writer’s block. Even geeks who like nothing more than to geek-out, like we do on this site, have run into it. But is writer’s block itself a real thing, or is the real problem something deeper? Continue Reading »


Skepticism ran through me like wild fire as the air date for the new season of Doctor Who came closer with each day. I began to dislike where Moffat was taking the series ever since the middle of series 6 with Matt Smith. Smith did a brilliant Doctor. The problem was that Moffat seemed to have no clue where to take the series.

Now, we have a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Moffat says that he will bring in more elements of the classic Who series as he writes for the newest regeneration of the 2000 plus year old Time Lord…

But, have we, in this first seasons episode, seen elements of the classic Doctor’s?  Continue Reading »

A Strange and Savage Garden

Today is a special presentation on The Uncommon Geek. I have been given the opportunity to review Tim Waggoner’s forthcoming novella, A Strange and Savage Garden. This will be a spoiler-light impression and review; if, after reading this, you are intrigued by what you have seen, remember that you can pre-order your own copy at http://www.amazon.com! Continue Reading »

Achievement Unlocked TemplateVarious video games throughout the years have had trophies, unlockables, and other proof of the dedication and hard work you put into the game. However, it wasn’t until the Xbox 360 Achievement system, that games across the board had a unified system of tracking accomplishments. The effect that this system has had on gamer culture is profound. Continue Reading »

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Over the weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon Geek went to Gen Con, thanks to Sylvan Creations (http://sylvancreations.com)!

Not only were we there to help at their booth, but Mr. Uncommon Geek went there to interview some con goers to ask them “The Question!” Not a lot of people were asked, but the ones who were were pretty awesome people!

Today’s music is another tune from Victory Road entitled “Success is a Sexy Mess” from the album Four Cord Tropes for Dopes Whic is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License! To hear more from Victory Road, check out his Bandcamp at http://v-road.bandcamp.com/ and as always, check out creativecommons.org for all the information you can handle about CC licenses!



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