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Life is funny…

You make plans to do things and stuff, and then BAM!

I apologize for the lack of podcast this week. But, hey! First time since we started is a pretty good track record I’d say! It happens to the best of them; The Charlie Tonic Hour, Nerdist, Wil Wheaton, and others.

I’m currently packing for GenCon, and you all should come by the Sylvan Creations booth to say hi and to buy some really awesome hand made jewelry!

Check out Their site at http://sylvancreations.com/shop/

The next episode will be a proper episode. I promise!



Every now and then, I to do posts to keep you, the fans, up to date’ish on what we here at The Uncommon Geek are working on.

And this is one of those posts.

“What’s been up?” Continue Reading »

Today’s publication is another flash fiction I wrote, this one had the challenge of being written like a classic quest tale. That meant that characters had to be very black and white, one dimensional, there had to be a clear and almost self-explanatory goal for the main character, and things had to pick up pretty quickly. I went with a Roman theme, as that seemed like the easiest setting to work with, and this story was the end result. So read after the break, and let me know what you think: Continue Reading »

Episode number art 53

Anything that has to do with space is awesome!

And when we get to see a new planet up close and personal, it’s even more awesome!

And when it’s Pluto, and we finally get to see what it actually looks like for the first time in human history, awesome does not even begin to do it justice!

This episode is all about Pluto and space! With special guest star Tyler Grant, we talk about our reactions to the first sharp, true color image of the dwarf planet and what we think the future of humanity and space might be as a result.

Personally, I hope to see humanity move into space in my lifetime, and we discuss all of that in detail!

Pluto… looking mighty fine!

Listen below and enjoy!


Today’s publication is a flash fiction I wrote that required each sentence to start with the subsequent letter of the alphabet, while still being a coherent story with a plot that moved forward. It took several attempts to find a narrative that worked well within the confines of the challenge, but I feel i succeeded quite well. So, without further ado, here is The Alphabet of Abuse: Continue Reading »


A game that helped a troubled youth survive his early teenage years. Continue Reading »


It’s true!

One of my dreams growing up was to make movie props, specifically for science fiction movies. I always wanted to do detail work on large space ships. But, as I grew up and CGI took over conventional model making for movies, I thought I would never get my chance. Continue Reading »


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