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One of the things I love about having a booth at a convention is getting to talk to the con-goers and other people who are there promoting their stuff. And if it’s a convention where I know people and other creators, that makes it all the more better!

While at Derby City Comic Con 2015, we had the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships! And we are going to share our interviews with YOU!

First up, we speak with con goer Kiva (sorry if I spelled that wrong), and we asked her “The Question!”

Next, we have professional cosplayer and internationally famed Santana Cosplay! She was in the booth across from us! Check out her photos at her professional facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SantanaCosplay

Next, we have Larry from Spell Forge Games promoting his Co-op fantasy deck building game “Foe Hunter!” He was our booth neighbor and is genuinely an awesome guy! Check out his site at www.spellforgegames.com and please donate to his KickStarter and help get Foe Hunter made at Foe Hunter KickStarter!

Returning for a second tine, we have the famed Eric Adams! Creator of Lackluster World as well as the ONLY Amishpunk comic book in the world “RUMSPRINGA!” We congratulate him on his successful KickStarter and to see how his post-KickStarter life has been!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the man with the MOST KICK ASS COSPLAY EVER, Richard! I’m not going to spoil his costume for you, but, it is AMAZING!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Derby City Comic Con 2015 to say hi, and welcome to our newest listeners/readers/fans!

Listen below and enjoy!


It has been a while, but I’m going to cut to the chase, because you folks don’t want to hear about the excuses of the perpetually prone-to-deadline-missing author, you want content. And I’m here to give it to you, in a new weekly post set known as The Uncommon Publication. Every Friday, I’ll post up something I’ve been working on. This might be a finished draft I’ve edited from my archives, a brand new piece of work I construct that day, or anything in between. It could be poetry, an excerpt from a novel I’m failing to finish, or even a piece of flash fiction seeing the light of screen for the very first time. No genre is safe, no prose unexplored. So stay tuned, and to get your reader appetite wet, here is an exclusive pre-launch poetry posting!

ashes fell tenderly from the sky

a city forced against its will into slumber

just one simple push that’s all it took in the end

who knew the world was made of such fragile glass

in the streets we cheered for those responsible

seems a hero is a villain who’s on your side

the first was meant to be the last

but then the second came along

after all this kind of a war is simply

a game played by bored rich men

put on show for all to see

on the grandest of stages

you know what they say

bad things come in threes

TETHER Issue 3 cover

“I do not share the stage!” -Maestro

At long last, I got my hands on TETHER issue/episode 3!

If you recall, issue 2 left us with yet another cliff hanger that had us asking all sorts of questions… Was the Lady in the desert connected ti the Artifact and Azazel? Who was the Master that she referred to? What power was she referring to? Continue Reading »

200 A.T.
Chapter One: Into the Azure

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In this review series, I will be taking a look at all of the Star Wars movies, both the original trilogy and the new one. These reviews will be a personal project to help celebrate the release of Episode VII on December 18th. I will be going in episode order to help with continuity… Even though it’s been messed up.

Today, I am reviewing Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

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A sequel to a previous post, with added inspiration from a replay of Bioshock. Continue Reading »


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