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Today marks the end of an era in not just the entertainment industry, but in our world at large. Today we’ve lost one of the greats, Robin Williams. His death is tragic, unexpected, and he will be missed by oh so many. But his legacies, his lessons, and his ideals will carry on with us as we move through our lives. The man spent his career making us laugh, cry, think, feel, and dare to dream and do things we’d never believe possible otherwise, all while touching the hearts of millions each and ever time. Robin Williams was a man who dared to be what so few people dare even to this day: unabridged, truly authenticate to himself down to his core, and it showed in every role he ever step foot in, in every interview he ever gave, and with every quote he ever spouted. Continue Reading »

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The Uncommon Geek takes a look at one of the most challenging and charmingly fun classic arcade games of the 1980s: Robotron: 2084! Continue Reading »


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In what has been a nearly year long journey for me on The Uncommon Geek, I at last have finished reviewing season one of Star Trek: The Original Series. In this post, I recap the ground I have covered in this season, what lies in the future for me on The Uncommon Geek, and as well, I acknowledge the people and resources which have made these reviews possible. Continue Reading »

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Greetings, Internet!

Today’s episode is a bit of a long one, but, it shall not disapoint, because it is EPIC!

Sheri from Epic Con Geek Fest joins us on this episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast to talk about her convention!

And holy frak! The name of it says it all! This con is HUGE! I mean, Red Dwarf HUGE! You know… how the mining ship Red Dwarf pulled a planets moon out of orbit because it got too close because the ship is so big that it has its own gravitational field? Yeah. That big!

Epic Con has partnered with the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, so by going to Epic Con, you are helping a good cause!

For all the information about Epic Con, visit http://www.epic-con-ohio.com

and for information about Pulmonary Fibrosis and what you can do to help, visit the foundations web site at http://www.pulmonaryfibrosis.org

Also, don’t forget about our contest where you could win a $25 ThinkGeek gift certificate! Info at http://uncommongeek.com/contest

Today’s music is from The Virus Empire once again using the song, “Memory *IS* RAM” off his album Oscillate Assimilate which is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License! Check out his BandCamp at http://thevirusempire.bandcamp.com and Check out creativecommons.org for everything you’ll need to know about CC!


Operation -- Annihilate!

The final episode of Star Trek’s first season, pits the Enterprise crew against an extragalactic alien menace. This is “Operation – – Annihilate!” Continue Reading »

Guardians of the Galaxy

In their most ambitious film since The Avengers, Marvel takes the plunge into the final frontier with their latest blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy! The Uncommon Geek has you covered, with a full review, and a podcast with initial impressions of this newest Marvel movie. Spoilers are included! Continue Reading »



That’s right! We are looking for geeks and nerds to write for us!

Are you creative? Have lots of nerdy experiences to share? Do you write fiction and/or fantasy? Fan fiction? Do you enjoy geeking out in general? The, my friend, you’re just right for our site!

We are looking for not only reviews, but to have personal geeky and nerdy stories and rants on a regular/semi-regular basis, more or less once a week or every other week from each contributor.

You can use your real name, or a made up one! We have both going on here!

But, this does come with one small catch… You won’t be eligible to enter any of our contests. That’s it. The only catch!

If you are interested, all you have to do is email the Boss monkey at bossmonkey@uncommongeek.com with some information about yourself and what you are interested in writing for the site!

Do you have what it takes to be a Blog Monkey?



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